Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Why I Vote

It's Election Day, and this morning we reveal the results of the Why I Vote project. I asked readers to send photos of themselves with a description of why they vote. We didn't get as many responses as I'd hoped, but what we got is top-quality. Thanks to everyone who participated. And if you haven't voted yet, get thee to the polls.

David Bayer:

Jimmy Locke:

Jessica Eiden Smedley:

If you're not sure what that means, this will help.

Mike Lynch:

Edwin Walter:

To me, it is very simple. I do because they can’t. They can’t because in the simplest terms, they gave their lives to defend my ability to do so. It isn’t about silly ads or stupid pundits. It is about our bedrock responsibility as citizens. Bicker we may about MANY things, but nowhere else in the world should this simple act be taken any more seriously than right here, right now. It is our duty, sanctified by their blood. Can anyone really argue for an excuse not to? The recurring examples of pettiness and yes, apathy, make MY blood boil.

Neca Bennett:

Full disclosure: The guy in the chair is my brother, Ronald. And he really was asleep.

UPDATE: Here's one more, from Larry Bumgarner... for some reason this got caught in my spam filter, and I didn't see it until Larry called to check. My apologies.


Doc B said...

Edwin Walter: WELL STATED ... wonderful comments! Thanks a ton! ... Doc

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