Monday, November 22, 2010

Back in the saddle

Real working people come back from vacation and start turning wrenches or toting trays or whatever it is they do to make a living. Guys like me come back and delete e-mails.

There were more than 800 waiting for me when I got to work this morning, including about 100 automatically generated e-mails telling me my e-mail basket was too full. Of course it would not be quite as full if I didn't have A HUNDRED FREAKING E-MAILS TELLING ME I HAVE TOO MANY E-MAILS.

The good news is, killing 800 e-mails (minus the three or four I actually want to read) has a wonderful... cleansing... effect, along the lines of eating a bushel of prunes.

So let's catch up. Since the last day I was at work:

-- The Panthers have lost three times with four different quarterbacks.
-- The American Music Award for artist of the year went to Justin Bieber.
-- And it appears that if you want to fly on an airplane now, you have to be inspected in a way formerly reserved for new inmates in federal prison.

Clearly, I should never take vacation again.

I'll see if I can get all this stuff fixed before Thanksgiving. In the meantime, it's good to be back. What's up with you? And have you seen the Harry Potter movie yet?


lkmnews said...

On the plus side... it's sure been a beautiful autumn 'round here.

Vickie Flowe said...

Most beautiful autumn I can remember - still gorgeous - hopes this means we have a not so brutal winter. Tommy - which books did you end up reading whil vacating?

Leslie Richardson said...

You make me laugh. I really needed that laugh today. Thanks.