Friday, November 05, 2010

The Friday Wrap

I'm headed out the door soon for two weeks off -- one of those stay-at-home, don't-spend-much-money vacations. Much walking, reading and DVD-watching ahead... if there's a recent book or movie you really liked, drop me a tip in the comments.

A quick reminder before we get to the wrapup: I'm teaching a class in December at Queens University and doing a reading next Friday at StorySlam! Here's more info on both.

So here's what I was up to this week:

On the paper and in the blog

A hawk rode the wind.

We had some great responses to the Why I Vote project.

I wrote an early column on the John Spratt v. Mick Mulvaney congressional race...

Then a later version as the votes came in.

A chance meeting on that story brought out one from the vault.

Finally, we talked a little SEC football.

Links from Twitter

Here's some stuff I flagged on my Twitter feed, @tommytomlinson:

Jagger responds to Keith Richards' book. Almost can't believe this is true. But what a piece of writing.
I think my Spidey Sense was right... that Mick Jagger letter is (probably) fake.

RIP Catfish Collins: James Brown guitarist, player of the lick on "Flash Light," and brother of Bootsy.

There's only one guy you need to read on Sparky Anderson. Here's @.

From @: "29 TDs, nine victories and zero losses is worth a great deal more than tuition, room and board."

My buddy Dan Huntley cooking 'cue today at Ellis Island (!) as part of this:

Borders, Joseph-Beth closing in CLT. They were near each other AND Barnes/Noble. Never understood how all 3 wd survive.

I was thinking this same thing, but the NYT's Ross Douthat said it better.

Outside polling place in York, SC. Never noticed one of these before.

A paper in 3 parts: Debes Saber (What you must know); Debes Leer (What you must read); Debes Hacer (What you must do).

A musical interlude

From the great, here's AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" -- on bagpipes.

Coming up

After my time off, I'm going to make some tweaks in this storytelling gig... one thing I'm definitely going to do is put things on more of a schedule, so it'll be easier to know when I'm writing and what it's going to be on a particular day. Holler, as always, with thoughts, questions and ideas. Have a great weekend, everybody.


Lynne Stevenson said...

Hope you and Alix have a great vacation! Please drive safely if you do travel and I look forward to reading whatever you come up with after your well deserved time off...

WHollar said...

Actually, it is H-o-l-l-A-r

kuyr53e said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................