Saturday, August 21, 2010

Project #1: One Good Thing

So if you're here you've probably seen that I'm trying out a new job, and part of what I'm going to do is create projects with readers. The first one we're going to try is something I call One Good Thing.

The idea is simple: I want you to say one good thing about a group you don't like.

If you're a Democrat, think of one good thing about Republicans. If you're an atheist, one good thing about people of faith. If you're a Carolina fan, one good thing about Dukies.

Those aren't the only categories, of course. Think about the one crowd you most complain about, the one club you'd never join. Now: Come up with one good thing to say about them. We'll be rejecting all sarcasm, cynicism, and backhanded compliments. You have to be sincere.

My inspiration for this is Ze Frank's 52/48 project, done just after the '08 election. Here's what it ended up looking like.

You're welcome to just write. But I'd also love photos, audio, video -- however you want to make your point.

Here's how to contribute:

If you write something, email (You can also send photos that way.)

To leave it as a voicemail, call me at 704-358-5227.

If you want to put your response on video, upload it to YouTube and send me a link.

Whatever format you use, put "One Good Thing" in the subject line or say it right up front. Also, let me know who you are and how to get in touch. You should assume that whatever you send could go online and/or in the paper. We'll take contributions until we've got a good batch, then publish them.

We've got a lot more projects coming up -- including one in the next couple of days exclusively for high-school seniors. In the meantime, think of one good thing. And send it on.


Andria said...


Can you kick it off by saying one nice thing about the North Avenue Tech School?

Um, me neither. But I'm trying...

Anonymous said...

I think nancy pelosi sticks with her convictions through thick and matter how wrong they may be!

Anonymous said...

One Good Thing ! Jehovah Witness' are really dedicated to their cause !

Gary said...

Liberals want to spend MY money on some projects that are really worthy. It would be nice to be asked.

Marlene said...

I'm sure most smokers never really believed that they would become addicted to their smokes and victims of the tobacco industry. Breaking such a habit must be frustrating and painful.

JR said...

Ok here it goes...I know that many drivers do not like us road cyclists taking up part of the road and I understand the point of view but I really like the motorists that give us the little bit of room, give a nice wave at 6:00 am or stop to see if we are OK when we are fixing a flat on the side of the road.