Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Let's hear your ice stories

Hey everybody, today we're looking to collect a bunch of stories about how people are dealing with the ice.

We're looking for neighborhood heroes, street scenes, any kind of little vignette that would help tell the story of this day.

You can drop the story in the comments to this post, email me at ttomlinson@charlotteobserver.com, or call 704-358-5227. We might have some follow-up questions, so leave some way we can get in touch.

Thanks for the help. Stay safe and stay warm.



Anonymous said...

I work for a company that has been closed the last two days. We are forced to use our personal days rather than have the company pay for these days off. IS this legal? If they would open the office I could get there! I could see having to use "MY" days if the company was open however if "THEY" close why should I be forced to use days that are given to me for sick time and personal reasons.

Anonymous said...

THEY close because somebody like YOU would sue them if something bad happened by MAKING you come in during this kind of weather.

Anonymous said...

11:34 - you are mean - 11:18 just wants to have HIS OWN days to use at his discretion -
my only story - I "risked my life" this morning to get to the CO box -NO PAPER!!
I found it interesting that the mail got to my house yesterday - but that our trash was not picked up - so now the recycle items ar soaking wet! Oh Well!!

Lynne Stevenson said...

I have been out of work for the past two days because my job location closed for the snow storm. Earlier today I went to my local post office to get my mail and almost broke my neck getting to and from the truck in the parking lot. Thank goodness for previous foot tracks in the ice or I would have never made it. We also went to our local Bojangle's where we also had fun slipping and sliding through the frozen parking lot. The heroes I saw today were the ordinary "Joes and Janes" making sure that their customers were taken care of and that things ran as usual. Hopefully life will return to a "normal" mode tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

The 11:34 poster does not bother me. You see, "I" want to work. I would never sue "MY" employer for putting food on my table.

My statement was clear (but I would not expect simple minds to understand) that it should be the employees discretion as to work or not to work. The 11:34 poster is obviously one of those (like many of my co-workers) that looks for any reason to get out of work.

I assume mu company like most has seen the demise of dedication and work ethic over the last 20 years. I just pride myself on giving a honest days work for a honest days pay.

So while you may say the 11:34 poster is mean I would just say they are self centered and arrogant. Most likely a transplant.

Anonymous said...

FYI: Checkout the Observer homepage:
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If the icy weather disrupted delivery of your printed Charlotte Observer today, we invite you to...

Anonymous said...

Duluth here: That is in Minnesota, not Georgia.
I realize the snow might be wet and icy, however, if this little bit would have arrived here, we would be at work being productive.

Not sitting on the porch sipping mint j. or whatever you southerners do.

Anonymous said...

So people actually do live in Minnesotta. We though it was just a fill in on the map. You must br proud to have given us Al Franken.