Friday, December 17, 2010

The Friday Wrap

First of all, thanks to everyone who sent kind words on my column in today's paper about the young couple in love. Go down in the comments and you'll find a lot of people predicting that the marriage won't last. Maybe so. But I also heard from the other side... here's an e-mail from a reader named Carolyn:

When my future husband and I began dating, I was a senior at Carolina. He graduated three years earlier, through the Navy ROTC program, and lived in Pensacola. We dated for two years, while he was in Pensacola, in Washington State, and during an 8-month overseas deployment. He was overseas for our entire engagement, returning just in time for our rehearsal and wedding. During the two years we dated and were engaged, we’d guess we spent about a month and a half together, in total. It was mentioned more than once by well-meaning relatives that we barely knew each other when we married.

Our wedding was twenty years ago this past October. We have two beautiful little boys and have built a wonderful life together. You have to make it work, but it can, and it does – we’re living proof.

"You have to make it work." True of every marriage, no?

On to the wrapup:

On the blog and in the paper

We started a new reader project. There's still time to tell your story -- I'll put together the stories early next week sometime.

They played bagpipes for the copy desk.

Links from Twitter

Here's some stuff I flagged on my Twitter feed, @tommytomlinson:

I haven't had a chance to see any of "The Sing-Off." But this is just great.

Want to know how to be a writer? This interview with the great @ (a/k/a Esquire's Chris Jones) tells you about all you need.

My bud @ on Bob Feller, and believing.

I'd love to know what Michael and Dean said to each other on this little walk.

Mama says it's a rainy night in Georgia. Just so happens I've been listening to this a lot lately.

Coming up

My story on the woman who got laid off and decided to become a singer is running... sometime soon. I'll also have a piece wrapping up all our Gift of Giving stories from the past few weeks. And on Tuesday (I think) I'll be unveiling my picks for the Best Stuff of 2010. Be thinking of yours, for the comments.

Have a great weekend, everybody.