Monday, December 20, 2010

Coming to Terms, Ornamentation, and you

Just a quick note to remind y'all about a couple of reader projects I'll be wrapping up this week:

-- For Ornamentation, I'm looking for stories about an object that resonates with you at the holidays. The deadline on this one is Tuesday night.

-- For Coming To Terms, I'm looking for stories from those of you who have lost your job recently... I'm interested in whether you've taken the moment to think about the things you've always dreamed of doing. The deadline on this one is Thursday night.

(This project is linked my story "The Accountant's Song," which ran online and in the paper Saturday.)

We've already got some great stories for these projects but I'm always looking for more. Please add yours.


Anonymous said...

any classes scheduled for
Queen or elsewhere in 2011.