Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A soldier and his dog

Maybe it's good that Veterans Day is cold and rainy here. It's a reminder that the men and women who fight for us have to do their jobs in the cold rain, and the brutal heat, and all the other conditions that God and man set upon them. Maybe a good tribute today would be just to stand outside for a minute or two and think about that.

I've read two fine Veterans Day pieces today -- David Perlmutt's story from our paper, and Nancy Nall's essay from her blog. But the thing that got me was a little video someone posted in Nancy's comments. Here's a soldier, home from Afghanistan, and the dog who was waiting for him.

Good dog.


Deborah said...

So cute!!!!!

Cedar Posts said...

The dog reminds me of this:

An old man has owned many dogs, and sometimes, passing in the park a dog who looks familiar will turn as if to say, I know you.

Bravo Zulu to any Dogface, Devil Dog, JarHead, Chairforce Cadet, Girlscout... any and all who have served now or in the past.

And to the old marine who lives by me is South Charlotte.

Bojjie said...

Every person who returns from war should get that kind of welcome.

Anonymous said...

Heartwarming. Dogs do not forget. If only the same thing could be said for humans when it comes to our veterans.

Anonymous said...






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