Thursday, August 25, 2011

REM in CLT in 1981

Canadian music guy Eric Alper posted this on Twitter (he's @ThatEricAlper) today. It's a poster from an R.E.M. show in Charlotte 30 years ago today.

I love that R.E.M. was considered sort of a disco band with an "irresistible dance beat."

Two questions: Does anybody out there remember this show? And is Scorpio still around? I remember hearing about it when I got to town, but it's been years since I've heard anybody mention the place.


Scott Baughman said...

Three things I love about this poster:
1. It tries to sell REM as being like The Police - today's kids MIGHT know who REM is but they'd be like "The Police? Huh?"
2. Love the name of the promotional company Queen City Quordinators!
3. Ticket price? $3. $3!!! I pay more than that for one gallon of gas.

Good one Tommy.

Upside Up said...

I remember when REM played the Milestone, but I don't remember this show. I love how it's "selling" REM. Like, "How do we get people to come out to listen to this unknown band?"

Andy said...

REM at the milestone? Wow!

Anonymous said...

they talked about it at one of their charlotte concerts, sleeping on the floor at the milestone.

don't forget, their first albums were recorded by a local that still lives in winston salem.

tommy tomlinson said...

Yep, Anon, should've mentioned this for those who didn't know: R.E.M. recorded Murmur and Reckoning at Reflection Studios on Central Avenue here in town. They were produced by Don Dixon, native of Lancaster, S.C. (and singer of the great "Praying Mantis").
The original "Radio Free Europe" single was done with Mitch Easter, out of Kernersville (if I remember right).

rich said...

: "New Wave"?

: do you want new wave, or do you want the truth

Anonymous said...

Actually Mitch and Don were co-producers of those rekkids.

Anonymous said...

You know darn well Scorpio is still around.

Anonymous said...

It reminds me of the first time I went to a concert back in the 1970's.

The band was Black Sabbath.

Apparently the three black couples sitting in front of me thought they were at a gospel show based on how they were dressed.

I was a bit surprised to see them at a metal show, but figured what the heck.

Ozzie opened the show with Iron Man.

The gospel fans scrambled for the door.

djmelt said...

I'm pretty sure this was their first time performing outside their native Georgia. They'd definitely played Atlanta as well as hometown Athens many times, but this show, or another in Carrboro was their first out of state gig.

Dr. Jimmy said...

I was at that show at the Scorpio, and I worked at Reflection Studios when REM recorded their first two albums there. Don Dixon and Mitch Easter were producers. Chip Garrett was one of the techs, and Wayne Jernigan owned the studio. Wayne had played drums in a band with Larry Presley. Remember Kaleidoscope productions, or the The Cellar? No one had a clue that these rather recluse kids from Athens, GA would become the musical phenomenon they did.

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing REM play at an old roller rink on Long Island. It was such a small area we were right on top of them. What a great experience! And no damn mosh pit either.

17 July 1984 - Good Skates Roller Rink, Port Haven Music Hall, East Setauket, Long Island, NY
support: Dream Syndicate
set included: So. Central Rain / Windout / Femme Fatale / Radio Free Europe / Ghost Riders In The Sky / (Don't Go Back To) Rockville

Link to REM concerts from 80/81

JD Harris said...

I didn't see this show, but I saw the one at Park Center Charlotte (now the Grady Cole Center). Friday December 13, 1985. It was the last show on the Fables tour, and the Minutemen opened for them (RIP d-boon)

Anonymous said...

That Park Center show in Charlotte was the Minutemen's last show ever. Mike was dressed like Fidel Castro. I caught his Fidel hat when he threw it. Still have it somewhere. They rocked so hard.

Anonymous said...

I was there as well! It was fantastic. Small audience . . . standing on the rink. Those were the days for intimate shows. No stadiums for me

Anonymous said...

I saw them at the Milestone in Jan, 1981.