Friday, December 03, 2010

The Friday Wrap

As most of you did over Thanksgiving, we'll use this Wrap to cover some leftovers -- I wasn't here last Friday, so we'll catch up on the last couple of weeks this time.

On the blog and in the paper

Thanksgiving as a security blanket.

Come write with me at Queens University. (There's still time to sign up!)

Life is a WikiLeak, old friend. (Here's a letter of objection.)

On SEC Expats: We recapped the Auburn-Alabama epic. We noted that Cam Newton is still eligible. And we picked the winner of the SEC title game.

Links from Twitter

Here's some stuff I flagged on my Twitter feed, @tommytomlinson:

An Economist writer says what I was trying to say about @, but much better.

Sad, beautiful, moving story on "Seabiscuit" author Laura Hillenbrand's chronic fatigue.

Never seen these words in a high-school football story: "Chekhov wouldn't be pleased." First-rate work from @.

Do you need a laugh? I need a laugh. Here's Kim Jong-Il looking at things.

Halfway down in this piece is a Leslie Nielsen fart story... set in Charlotte.

TSA ALERT: Dave Barry has a blurred groin.

Craziest weather photo in, well, forever. (via @)

Mark Packer (Billy's son) leaves CLT sports talk radio. via @

NYT's @, new to the ATL, making me want to drive over for a Ghetto Burger.

Sort of embarrassed @ didn't think to do this.

This Jordan/LeBron mashup is wonderful, and 100% accurate. (via @)


I've also got a story in the new issue of Our State magazine -- it's about a Western Carolina University production of "A Christmas Carol."

Next week

If things go as scheduled, I'll have a story running next weekend on a woman who lost her job and decided to follow her dream. I think I'm going to launch a reader project involving the Panthers. Plus whatever else comes up! Have a great weekend, everybody.