Monday, October 11, 2010

CLT snapshot: Football talk

On the Gold Rush bus uptown, 1:30 p.m. Three banker types get on. Two guys in the back, Dallas Cowboys fans, are ripping their (1-3) team. The bankers start laughing.

GUY IN BACK: Who's your team, then?

BANKER #1 (sheepishly): The 49ers. (That would be the 0-5 49ers.)

BANKER #2: That's not MY team! My team is across the bay.

GUY IN BACK: San Diego? No, wait... Oakland?

BANKER #2 (sheepishly): Yeah. (That would be the 2-3 Raiders.)

It's quiet for a second. The bus stops and the bankers start to get off.

GUY IN BACK: Well, at least we ain't Panthers fans!

Everybody laughs.


Anonymous said...

I hear smart ass comments like that a lot from fans of other teams that live here. In 2008, those banker types were the ones buying tickets to see those same Panthers in the 2nd round of the playoffs. It's cool to be a Panther fan when they're good, but if they're losing then real Panther fans are a joke.