Thursday, July 22, 2010

Come talk about writing with me

I wanted to let y'all know about two workshops I'm teaching in September... they're both good chances to talk about writing and to hear my speaking voice, which can best be described as "obscene phone caller in training."

The first one is at Queens University -- it's a four-week class on Thursday nights starting Sept. 9 and ending Sept. 30. Here's the signup page. It's a repeat of a class called "Writing In 3-D" that I did last month -- but spread out a little, and held at night, to accommodate people on a different schedule. This workshop is heavy on writing tools -- lots of practical ways to get better.

The second one is a one-day workshop Sept. 11 at The Farm at Weathers Creek in Iredell County. Here's more information on that one, which is part of a writers' series they have up there. There's some overlap with the Queens class, but this workshop will have a little bit more focus on creativity -- building a creative life for yourself.

I leave lots of time for questions, comments, tangents, etc., and these classes always end up being lots of fun.

Holler in the comments or drop me an e-mail if you have any questions.

Now that you've read all that, you deserve a reward. Here's the Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain.


Anonymous said...

What about those of us hopelessly devoid of skill and direction whose only attempt at harnessing some sort of discipline with words involved some 80's era snowflake technique which only made sense to those folks who wonder about through life with and endless stream of ones and zeros floating across their minds eye?

Do we get a freebie or is it still $$?

Am I guilty of binary fever too?

Anonymous said...

"Obscene phone caller in training" ... that thar's a good un, that is!!!

Lynne Stevenson said...

Tommy, once again, I would dearly love to attend all of them, but I won't be able to due to work obligations. The one on Sept. 11th sounds like my best bet, but I live about three and a half hours from Iredell County and work is located even farther away. I get off of work at 7:00 AM and I seriously doubt that I would be able to be there by 10:00 AM, even under ideal traffic conditions.
Is there any way that your clases will be available online? Like I have said previously, I would dearly love to attend some of your classes/readings/book signings, but am unable because of my conflicting work schedule.

Anonymous said...

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