Sunday, June 27, 2010

Links for oil spill column

Here are some links that go with my Sunday column on the Gulf oil spill:

Brie Williams's photos from Grand Isle.

A live camera from the spill. (I tried to link to the cameras on BP's site, but they weren't working for some reason. That's not sarcasm, by the way.)

And here's the YouTube video from Destin. The part I mentioned happens about 2:30, but before then you can see some oil on the beach up close.


Anonymous said...

Oil spill? Where is it spilling from? Not a tanker. This is a natural oil flow gush from a hole. Oil is a natural substance created 100% by the earth. It was once thought a fossil fuel but how did fossils get 20k feet below the oceans?
Oil is like water. It runs in veins beneath the earth. It was put there to be used for fuel for transportational internal combustion engines like water was made to drink, veggies and fruits to eat, marijuana to smoke and opium or coca to snort but not abused. Gold, silver, copper, zinx, diamonds made by earth are good. Anything natural is good.

If America were smart it would start drilling itself to pay off this 15 trillion debt. States like California could drill off its own coast and pay off its debt.

Legalize all natural drugs and make a trillion annually in taxation plus put the dealers and crook lawyers out of business. Then close the IRS and take home all your pay. Prohibition didnt work and legalization killed the bootleggers and stills.

Oil is good. Black gold, Texas tea. Ask Jed Clampett.

dar456 said...

ask the fishermen in LA if this natural oil is good for them, then go get bitten by a black widow and see if their natural venom is good for your health. nothing is more natural then the sun, sit outside in it for a few hours and see where you end up. sounds like you abused the coca instead of just snorted it