Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Somebody unplugged the e-mail machine

The Observer's e-mail has been down since about 10 this morning. If you need us, give us a call. If you need me, tweet away at @tommytomlinson.

It's interesting how much e-mail has become like tap water -- something we expect to just be there all the time. E-mail's not as good for interviews -- face-to-face is always best -- but we still use it a LOT. Being without it reminds me of this ESPN commercial from a few years ago.

Espn Sportscenter Y2k Test via Noolmusic.com

Especially enjoyed the Angry Mark McGwire cameo. (Insert steroid joke here.)


Cedar Posts said...

Wow! Those budget cuts are really getting down to the bone.

Did you know gmail is free?

The 3 of you that are left don't even need to share email addy's.

Anonymous said...

i hope that doesn't mean it is over for you Tommy.

good luck!

Tammy Brackett said...

Oh Tommy, this really made me laugh. I was chatting with a youngster recently and I told him I remember when we agents booked shows ON THE PHONE and we sent REAL LIVE DEMO TAPES to prospective talent buyers.
He looked COMPLETELY baffled. It was so funny.
Thanks for giving a music girl a chuckle

Algernon said...

Email and internet...is like Fanta and Fiddle Faddle for the baud rate generation.

My Niece and Nephew are flabbergasted in the most Willy Wonkaish of gobstopper ways that I do not have internet or GPS or email on my cell.

I do have road runner on this puppy though. It is all one needs. Really. Isn't it?

Sandra Blume said...

Hey Tommy, see I still have my NC twang way down here in Oaxaca, Mexico. We are even getting some of that storm, it rained! Unheard of here in January but we sure need it. The La Nina last year affected our rainy season and we just got a tiny bit of rain. It is too bad the El Nino is wrecking such havoc on California, but it is an ill wind that blowes no good. Give Pastor Nancy a hug for me next time y'all can get to church.
Sandy Blume