Friday, July 04, 2008

Easleyburger update

We have urgent breaking news regarding my skeptical column about Gov. Mike Easley's claim that "a cheeseburger and onion rings is $60 over there," meaning Europe, where the governor and his wife visited as part of trips that cost $279,000 in taxpayer money.

Amazing reader Jim sent in a link to a story about a $200 burger in London -- at Burger King!

Good thing we kicked those Brits to the curb 232 years ago. Apparently you have to be a millionaire to even walk into an Applebee's over there.


Anonymous said...

Will your sarcasm get our money back?

Anonymous said...

well tommy, if anybody knows their way around a cheeseburger, im sure its you.

Anonymous said...

^ I guess you're the biggest jerk on this website too.

Get a life and stop picking on people because they are overweight.

Anonymous said...

i will celebrate the day governor easley and his wife leave the governors mansion, i work for the state and i have watched him stab me and others in the back so often i feel like a pin cushion.