Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Obama's veep

Lord knows I'm no expert on politics (or anything else, possibly excepting obscure Southern rock and pro wrestling) but every so often my spidey sense starts tingling... and so today I'm here to tell you Barack Obama's pick for vice president. Obama himself might not know it yet but this is where he'll end up.

Let me give you the quick odds for some other potential VP candidates:

Joe Biden -- 25 to 1
Evan Bayh -- 30 to 1
Sam Nunn -- 50 to 1
Dick Cheney -- 1,000,000,000 to 1
Hillary Clinton -- 1,000,000,001 to 1

There is NO WAY that Obama will pick Hillary as vice president. She would double his negatives. She would bring Bill back to the White House, which would be terrible news for everyone except the editors of the National Enquirer. And most of the Hillary supporters who are furious today, vowing that they'll vote for John McCain over Obama, will step into the voting booth in November and realize that, hey, Obama is a Democrat and McCain is a Republican.

Obama needs a conservative Democrat, someone who is tough on national defense and can appeal to some of the blue-collar voters who aren't in love with Obama yet.

Why, look -- here's a Democrat who used to be a Republican, a Vietnam vet who earned two Purple Hearts, and a strong defender of gun ownership. Plus he coincidentally has a new political book titled "A Time To Fight."

Ladies and gentlemen, Jim Webb, senator from Virginia and soon to be your Democratic vice-presidential candidate. I'd bet the contents of my wallet* on it.

*Current contents of my wallet -- $4 and a Harris Teeter VIC card.

Hillary will make nice and campaign for Obama and then go off and plan her next move. Bill... well, it looks like he's keeping busy.


Anonymous said...

Obama might just need a food taster if he is dumb enough to pick Slick Hilly

Anonymous said... of the best things about Charlotte are your columns, but it this case, lay off the Clinton bashing...I'd much prefer 8 years of Bill, than the miserable 8 years under "W". If anybody can repair our tattered national image, its Bill Clinton.

Anonymous said...

Too bad Webb isn't the head of the ticket. Nothing against Obama. I actually like him. But he's so naive about the world. He thinks if we make nice everybody will make nice. He thinks if we withdraw from Iraq the world will be sweetness and light. He's a fool. One, we are now winning the Iraq and Arabs only respect strength. Two, China is arming to the teeth. Three, Russia is about to be a superpower again, and it will cause trouble. Four, Iran will have nuclear weapons and will likely use them against Israel or to blackmail the West into accepting sharia law. This is what Obama will have to deal with, and I fear that he is too weak and too beholding to the peace movement to stand up to our enemies. They will sense weakness and they will use it against us.

Anonymous said...

I'd be anonymous if I wrote that Slick Willie could repair the nation's image

Anonymous said...

Tommy, you columns are great, but you need that time away. This doesn't sound like you at all--I hope??

Anonymous said...

gosh knows anyone would do a better job than that idiot that is in office now, but his v.p. won't be hillary, mostly because of the baggage that comes with one did a better job with our country than Bill..a huge surplus of cash and wonder of wonders, the rest of the world LOVED us! Now we are dirt poor, heading into a recession, thousands of lives lost to a war without reason AND the world hates us!! God help Obama because it will take him years to get us out of the hole W. put us into.

Martina said...

Despite the fact that Obama has a centrist voting record, the media, especially on the right, have portrayed him as ultra-liberal.

So having Jim Webb as a VP may be a smart move.

Personally, I think Russ Feingold would be a good choice - but my candidates never get far... :-D

Anonymous said...

I suggest it really isn't going to matter for I don't think Mr. Obama need to worry about it since he isn't going to win.

Picking Webb...then between the two of them they will almost have one term in the Senate as a background to be elected. Brilliant.

I would suspect Obama will look to a Governor, or former Governor. If he is smart...Evan Bayh, current Senator and former Governor of a red state. And he is a moderate who can moderate Obama's extreme liberalism.

Anonymous said...

Obama is destined to be a worse president that 'W'. That's saying alot, since 'W' might be the worst we've ever had.

Webb would add credibility to an Obama ticket in many respects, but certainly not enough to warrant voting for someone who's only true attribute is that he's an awesome public speaker.

KD Chatman said...

Tommy, Fan for years having your talents noticed by my late mother, she loved your prose.

The only concern with your synopsis is the inherent bias in your logic. My meaning is your ability to divine Webb may be skewed by his seemingly genetic likeness to yourself and history.

Although I do agree. He would solidify Obama's weaknesses while providing some Foreign Policy muscle.

Having worked for the man twenty years ago, I can assure you, a very fine choice. A leader.

Anonymous said...

Remember where you heard this. If Obama picks Hillary, he will win. If not he will lose. There are too many disgruntled Democrats, including me, who will vote for McCain. If he doesn't pick her, he will lose. I'm voting for McCain, who is the only one who can get us out of the mess "W" got us into.

Murph the Surf