Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ric Flair mash-up

I swear, this is not intended to be the Ric Flair tribute blog, but this is too good not to share. Introducing the Nature Boy as West Coast rapper:

(Created by the amazing Poodleface, found via the brilliant college-football blog Every Day Should Be Saturday)


Anonymous said...

Ah yes... the good ol days.

When you could always count on Ole and Gene Anderson to run out from the shadows.

Of course, can you imagine seeing Abe Jacobs' Kiwi roll or Rip Hawk's piledriver on YouTube?

"Be good sports wherever you go."
.... Big Bill Ward

Tickets on sale at the Park Center box office, and the National Hat Shop.

Anonymous said...

That was hilarious! I used to watch wrestling all the time with my grandmother, and Ric Flair was her favorite. It's also good to see Magnum T.A. again. Well, Ric was right about one thing, "Ric Flair is forever!"

Anonymous said...

What a joke and true buffon this guy is. An out of shape idiot that actually thinks he is an athlete. The crowd this guy attracts is your mobile home, pickup truck driving, polyester wearing individual. He is an embarrassment to Charlotte. I tell people he is from Minnessota and only landed here because teh Crocketts could not get Barnum to allow them to join the show. Pathetic, absolutely pathetic.

Nikkip said...

Dear Anonymous,
Get bent. Not all of us that grew up in mobile homes, and drive pickup trucks are wearers of polyester or are rednecks. However, most of us are proud of all of our homegrown athletes even the ones that are now out of shape. By the way, "the" is not spelled "teh".

Anonymous said...

To ole school charlotte: I hate to tell you brother but that is Arn and Ole Anderson and not Gene,but good thought.And to the scared to give his name buffoon anonymous,sure Flair is well past his prime now and admittedly he should have hung up the boots 10 years ago while he was still KING of the mountain;but in his heyday he was THE MAN and truth be known he could probably whip your tail even in his "pathetic,out of shape idiot" condition. I hope when you are 63 years old you can still talk,let alone get in the squared circle and get beaten on night after night.You would probably pee your pants after the first chop to the throat and beg your mama to save you.As far as being redneck, or living in a trailer,or driving a pickup truck,those happen to be people too,and for you to sit there in your own juices and talk trash about a class of people maybe you should consider the fact that they would all kick your wine sippin,silk drawer wearin, girlie boy butt,and then take your wife on the first thrill ride of her life.WHOOOOOO.Oh and as well as not being able to spell teh,you also misspelled Minnesota you buffoon.Oh yeah, you spelled Buffon wrong too, idiot

Anonymous said...

I'm so pleased that you identified it as west coast rap as I was going for the Tupac/Dre "California Love" sort of thing.

Thanks for the link and the props!