Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Disappearing Charlotte icons

This month marks 18 years since I started at the Observer. (I was 7 when they hired me. Labor laws were different then.)

I was thinking the other day about how many Charlotte icons from back then have already disappeared. Charlotte has always been Churn City -- we do more reinventing than a plastic surgeon -- but when I started writing things down, I was amazed how much has vanished in less than two decades.

I'm not even talking about the big stuff, like the Coliseum or the PTL Club. I'm just thinking about little touchstones that meant something to me for one reason or another.

Here's a quick list:

10. The Bootery and Bloomery

When I got to Charlotte, if you headed out of uptown on Independence Boulevard, you came to a hard left just past the John Belk Freeway. Right in front of you as you made the turn were two stores -- a Krispy Kreme and the Bootery and Bloomery.

Krispy Kreme you know about. The Bootery and Bloomery had display windows that featured lots of lingerie and fishnet stockings. Let me tell you, there were no stores like that where I grew up. At one time they apparently had live models in the display windows. I always wondered how many teenage boys wrecked their cars in that spot.

9. The Scoreboard

This was a giant sports bar further out Independence, almost to Matthews. It's been about eight different things since the Scoreboard closed. When it opened, it was the first sports bar I'd ever been to with little speakers at every table that you could tune to whatever game was on. Plus the seats at the bar swiveled so you could check on five or six games at once. It was like I had ordered the place direct from heaven.

I was with a group of buddies at the Scoreboard in 1992 for Duke-Kentucky, the greatest college basketball game ever played. I didn't have a dog in the hunt -- I went to Georgia -- so I decided to root for Kentucky, my fellow Southeastern Conference school. A Duke guy across the bar picked up on this and started talking trash my way. Actually, he was talking trash everybody's way. It's possible, based on Duke's demographic statistics, that he might have been from New Jersey.

With 7.8 seconds left, Christian Laettner made two free throws to put Duke up 102-101. The Duke guy jumped up in his seat, screamed for joy and flipped me a bird. But then a Kentucky player made an absurd running bank shot with 2.1 seconds left to put Kentucky up 103-102.

Duke called a timeout. Duke Guy was distraught beyond words. He silently got up and left the bar.


You probably know what happened next: Laettner caught a full-court pass from Grant Hill, took a quick dribble, and drained a fallaway at the buzzer to win the game for Duke.

I think I would have given the contents of my checking account at the time ($27.63) to see the look on that guy's face when he heard the screams from inside the bar.

8. Hello Henry

Henry Boggan was the evening talk-show host on WBT radio from 1979 to 1996. He was moderate, folksy and kind. He listened more than he talked. He would have absolutely no shot at a job in radio today.

7. Random wrestler encounters

As Tom Sorensen wrote Tuesday, Charlotte used to be a pro wrestling town. Some wrestlers still live here -- led by Ric Flair, of course -- but you used to see them everywhere.

One day in Rock Hill I was getting gas, a blue Cadillac pulled up to the next pump, and Ivan Koloff got out. I stalled a little when it came time to pay so I could walk in behind him. I craned my neck the best I could, but I never could see if IVAN KOLOFF was stamped on his MasterCard.

Once he was the most evil of all the evil Russian wrestlers.

These days, Ivan does weddings.

6. Newsstand International

OK, this is getting long so I'll pick up the pace. Newsstand International used to be the only place in town you could get out-of-town papers and obscure magazines (I mean in the non-pornographic way, but if I remember right they could help you out there too.) The first place I found it was in a shopping center tucked into an apartment complex off Providence Road. Then it was on Independence for awhile, then it moved to East Morehead, then it closed. Too many Barnes & Nobles.

5. Andersons

We wrote 372 stories on Andersons when it closed last year, so I won't linger on it, except for two things:

-- I met Peter Gorman for breakfast there after he had been in town a month, and the waitress already knew what to bring him.

-- A Starbucks is going in there. Then again, a Starbucks is going in everywhere.

4. The Shrine Bowl

This is a high-school all-star game, North Carolina vs. South Carolina. For years they played it at Memorial Stadium next to Central Piedmont Community College. The Carolinas always have a few major-college prospects, so going to the Shrine Bowl was always a fun way to blow a Saturday.

In the early '90s I saw a Spartanburg High running back named Steve Davis fly past N.C. tacklers. Years later, as Stephen Davis, he starred for the Carolina Panthers.

They still play the Shrine Bowl but now it's in... Spartanburg. Steve Davis must have REALLY impressed the Shriners.

3. Repo Records

Not only was this the coolest record store in town, not only did it have the weirdest cashiers, not only was it the place where I first heard Southern Culture on the Skids, but it was also the place where I sold some used cassettes for gas money before I got my first Observer paycheck. So I'll always be grateful.

2. Kenny Gattison

I know it's hard to believe, with all the yawning empty seats at Bobcats games, but Charlotte was absolutely insane about the Charlotte Hornets. Lots of people loved Larry Johnson, Alonzo Mourning and Muggsy Bogues. I loved Kenny Gattison.

In his NBA career (including six years with the Hornets) he averaged 8 points, 5 rebounds, 3 personal fouls and approximately 19 scattered bodies a game. It seemed like every time he went up for a rebound, the opposing forward went down to the floor. Which explains all those personal fouls.

He was not blessed with a lot of natural gifts, but he worked and hustled and bulldozed his way to success. Which is pretty much the way I think of Charlotte.

1. The Pterodactyl Club

I went there all the time when I first got to town. Some of those nights I don't remember. Some I didn't recall even as they were happening. The Pterodactyl was over at Morehead and Freedom Drive, and there were always sketchy characters in the parking lot, and since this is meant to be a tribute, we won't talk about the bathrooms.

But it had lots of room and cold beer and great bands. I saw They Might Be Giants in there one night and it changed my life.

Geeks like me, dancing.

OK. This was a long list. I'm whipped. What Charlotte icons do YOU miss?


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Anonymous said...

I miss the soda shop/drug store that used to be beside the Manor theater; the soda shop/drug store on East Blvd where Sole is now and Athens!!!!!!!!!!

Andrea Americana said...

I am a rare breed. I am a Charlotte native and remember ALL thoes places. I was born and raised here. I remember the Grandmama stunt Johnson pulled back in the 1990's. That was one little old lady you did NOT want to piss off.

Anonymous said...

I miss how the old Eckerds over off Independence near what's now called cricket arena used to have a lunch counter. I loved going there when I was little; I thought it was so neat to eat in an Eckerds. Also, there used to be a spoons at Sardis N. and Monroe. And the scoreboard was a really cool place.

Anonymous said...

I'm a native Charlottean and I miss the days when Eastland mall was a great place to shop and you could eat lunch at the Eckerds there too. It actually used to be nicer than Southpark.

Anonymous said...

I'm a native too and I miss ALL these places! I also miss:

Belk's uptown and their lunch counter; the Big "A" drive-in theatre near the corner of Kilborne Drive and Central Avenue; Goony Golf on Independence and Putt-Putt on Albemarle Road; Rocky's and Jeremiah's rock clubs on Independence; ice skating at the Polar Palace on McAlway Road; roller skating at Kate's Skating Rink on Central Avenue; already mentioned but Krispy Kreme on Independence; K-Mart, Zayre, and Richway stores on Independence; Dixie Electric Co. and Panama's nightclubs; Farrell's and Annabelle's in Eastland Mall; A&P grocery store on Central Avenue; the Oriental-looking Hardee's on Eastway Drive; I was at the Scoreboard when we landed the Panthers NFL franchise, what a great night!

What I miss the most? How Charlotte USED to be........

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Park Elevator, 13-13 and 4808. WXRC when it was an awesome rock station (none of this 'Ride' crap). Oh, and throw me in on the Scoreboard bandwagon too. That was indeed the best sports bar ever!


Anonymous said...

oh, and how could I forget? Piedmont Airlines. Best airline ever! USAir killed them.

Anonymous said...

1313. Great bands.

Anonymous said...

Great column - and thanks for reminding me about The Scoreboard. Terrific place back in the day...

Anonymous said...

Some missing icons from Southpark Mall ...

the giant TV with stadium seating
the arcade at Sears
the fountain
the cafeterias

Anonymous said...

I am a former Charlottean now living in Charleston,SC. I have a few for you "Old Schoolers"...How about Club Metro, The Cellar, Plumb Crazy, Club 2000? Does anyone remember Roll-A-Round skating rink or Kates?

Anonymous said...

Cafe 521 on College Street! It was so ahead of its time. And what's there now? Coyote Ugly.

Tonic in Elizabeth. I miss the deck with the fire pits.

Anonymous said...

How about Herlockers at UNCC or the Mineshaft? Whispers Night Club or the Tree House. Yes, I loved Dixie Electric too or running into Magnum TA or Rick Flair.

Matt Philmon said...

I was born and raised in Charlotte and am now 34... so let's see...

1) I miss the Krispy Kreme at what was once the corner of Hawthorne and Independence... back when that was an intersection.
2) I miss the Spaghetti Warehouse/Factory (both really) even though the area that became Camden Square and Pikes, etc. is quite nice.
3) The recent closure of the Longhorn on Morehead was very upsetting to me... that was THE Longhorn. I miss it alot.
4) I know it just moved and is probably a nicer location, but I miss the building that used to house the Children's Theater on Morehead. That was an old, but pretty building.
5) I miss Wad's on East Blvd. My mom took me there for YEARS growing up. The guy at the counter used to heat up a little pie from the snack rack and put ice cream on top for me. I have fond memories of that place.

A few comments about what you mentioned:
9) The Scoreboard got shut down over lawsuits or something around betting or gambling... can't remember exactly any more. That really was a cool place.
7) Ricky the Dragon Steamboat owned (owns?) a gym here as well. I used to be a member years ago.
5) I lived in the Elizabeth area not far from Presbyterian Hospital as a kid and went there constantly.
3) I guess places like Repo Records (I traded in lots of tapes back in the day for CD's) are no longer possible with the internet.
2) I also liked Kenny Gattison, and Rambis, and Reid, and Dell Curry... those first 10 years were magical.

but hey, we still have a few things left:
1) "Snoops" (or Spoons spelled backwards.)
2) The Penguin
3) Lupie's
4) The Rose Garden
5) Freedom Park
6) The Nature Museum
7) Discovery Place

Anonymous said...

Gus's Original 49er on Highway 49 near UNCC

Park n Shop with the funky sign

Anonymous said...

I miss the original JFG coffee sign with the lights, the beautiful roses at the corner of Providence and Sharon Amity, and Barclays and Morrison's at South Park!

Anonymous said...

Reliable Music!!!
Scoreboard once again....
Wad's on East. Oh and the Epicurean right?
Repo Records definitely, and Milestone Records (at least Record Exchange is hanging on somehow)
LuLu's (not the place on Central)
Pterodactyl...think they finally tore it down
Moon Room (when uptown was a ghosttown)
Original Carpe Diem (before it moved twice)
Kids crawling under the train at Freedom Park

And everything else

Anonymous said...

Mayberry Ice Cream-off Prov. Beats any "creamery" around!
Hector's-Southpark annex. where Big Star grocery store also was. Had best heros ever! Love to know who has that recipe! Cried the day they closed their doors!
Bush Stationers at Cotswold - could spend hours in there, remember the theme song anyone? When Cotswold had an inside to the mall.

P.S.Met husband at Pterodactyl am still getting chided for it! Lots of late nights there ended at Athens

Patrick said...

The airplane, tank, and train and Freedom park -- when they actually used to let you play on them! To think they actually used to let me crawl out on the end of the tank gun barrel!

Cluckers and - gosh - can't think of the name now -- the pizza place that was in the Depot in Matthews.

Palomino club on Albemarle road. Now it is Disco Rodeo or something like that.

The old Eastland mall. It had the skating rink, movie theater and a toy store. Southpark just could not compete with no toy store at all! But I did enjoy me many an Orange Sherbet by the fountain that used to be in the middle of the mall. That was payment for suffering a day in the mall with no toy store.

Anonymous said...

The Scoreboard was the best! I can still remember the wings and a dessert called "Black Magic Pie." And, there was no question that it was THE place to go for a big game. The day it closed, I shed a tear.

Wad's was great as well.

This is a bit newer, but bd's Mongolian Barbeque was another of my favorite restaurants that had two Charlotte locations. Now, the closest one is in Maryland.

On the non-food front, I miss Crockett Park from my childhood. There was something about going to a baseball game IN Charlotte that a lot of people have missed out on for the last 20+ years. Hopefully a stadium will get built soon to remedy that.

Anonymous said...

I am also a native Charlottean and reading this article made me think back to the good old days! I tell people today that I grew up near Eastland Mall and they give me terrible looks! I loved growing up there! We used to walk to the mall, or to the Revco on Central next to where the A&P was. We would have dance recitals at Ovens Auditorium and the go to the IHOP across Independence Blvd. afterward for chocolate chip pancakes! The best had to be the old Charlotte O's baseball games at Crokett Park! My sister and I would run around the place like we owned it. I was okay to do that back then! I loved Charlotte back then and I love the city it has grown up to be, luckily we will all have our memories!

Anonymous said...

I am a Charlotte native and remember all of these:
-Morrison's and Barclay's
-Pterodactyl Club (I thought this place made Charlotte so cool)
-What do you mean you can't crawl on the plane at Freedom park anymore? (I live away now)
-The Carafe on S. Blvd. We went there to drink beer when we turned 18. That part of town was so scary then and we loved it (I know the building is still there, but it's not The Carafe.)
-WXRC-was it that station that played the National Lampoon Radio Hour during the meltdown of the Nixon administration? Yes, I was in high school then.
-The Epicurean and the famous biscuits.

Things I fear will disappear:

-Spoons on S. Blvd. Authentic North Carolina eatery. Barbecue as it was meant to be-eastern NC style!
-The Charlotte Coliseum. That is, the building on Independence. It will always be "The Coliseum" to me. The Bobcats would sell more tickets IMO if they called their building The Charlotte Coliseum.
-The 1927 City Hall on East Trade.
-The Johnston Building on S. Tryon. I think it has a different name now, but maybe the last of pre-WWII office towers in Charlotte.

Anonymous said...

We all need to get together and reopen the Scoreboard! Who's with me on this one?

Anonymous said...

The Scoreboard, The Cellar, Gus's 49er, Wad's--all great

Anyone remember The Buffalo Ranch way up Hwy 49 with Stagecoach Rides?

Valentino's beside the old Coliseum with a wall of who's who that had been through Charlotte

Grapevine Records on Independence

Cruising Franklin Blvd in Gastonia

The Shrine Bowl and before it, the Shrine Bowl Parade. I was on the sidelines for a game in the 1980's when Mark May from Independence almost ran over me.

Drungo Laroo Hazewood, John Shelby and the rest of the Charlotte O's. Kids stomping on upside down waxed coke cups under the roof at Crockett Park

Fireworks off the Cameron Brown Building

The Drawbridge Restaurant on Monford Drive, The Chateau on Morehead, The Buster Boyd Bridge

Carowinds when it had the train (where you had to cross the railroad tracks to Thunder Road), the skyway, the Oaken Bucket, White Lightning, and the Paladium as Charlotte's only outdoor amphitheater

Sandwich Construction Company, PM Magazine and John Boy and Billy when they were local and had a truly open "Open Line" where the callers ran the show. "Breakfast of Champions"

Stan said...

Time heals all wounds, I guess. The last time I visited the Scoreboard, I needed a disinfectant scrub after sitting in one of its never-cleaned booths (those half round lounge things).

What do I miss? Construction on Independence Blvd. In the 90's, there was a big push to make it a freeway. What ever happened to that?

Anonymous said...

I miss Crockett Park and the seven layers of old paint on the seats.

I miss watching UNCC and Davidson play basketball in the ORIGINAL coliseum. Ray The Bum Gromolwitz was the greatest!

I miss Park 51 cinemas. it was the ONLY thing between Pineville and Carmel Commons...that and the fishcamp (a big old barn) where Bojangles and McDonalds are now.

I miss going mudbogging in the jeep where Carolina Place mall is now.

I DON'T miss the 45 minutes it took to get from Carowinds to Carmel Commons when 51 was a two lane road through the cow pastures.

I miss the Capri theater's midnight showings of Rocky Horror Picture show.

I miss the putt-putt golf course on Woodlawn and South Blvd.

so many memories...so little time.

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic blog??? Wow! So many memories...I loved Krispy Kreme on Independence - especially when the "HOT Donuts NOW" sign was lit!! That place was impossible to miss...I'm also Charlotte born and bred.

The Scoreboard was THE place to be in town for the big games...long before DirecTV's Sunday Ticket came along. I had never seen speakers at each table before!

Eckerd's on Independence was always open and quite crowded at 1am...

I loved Eastland Mall..never thought about my safety. Annabelles and the movie theater were cool back in the day. Southpark was for snobs.

The dollar movie theater on Albemarle Rd also rocked!

I remember Crocket Park very fondly...saw Cal Ripken play there. John Stefaros was my favorite for some reason? I was sad when it burned down...then ended up dating my future wife when she lived in the apartments that now occupy that space. Kind of weird!

The Hornets in the 90's were something special...really energized the town, until Shinn f-ed it up. "Grandmama" was the bomb!

I also liked going to Po-Folks on Independence and Eastway...liked the ice tea served in the mason jars!

Nice article Tommy! Thanks

Anonymous said...

Responding to Kidplay9. And to everyone else. I can not stand people who think they are from Charlotte. If you do not know this town was king of sports before the Hornets. Yes, I do remember the clubs you mentioned. However can you name the other player that played with Cal Ripken(SP) at Crooket Park. And also do you know the were Ric Flier began his carrer against Dusty Rhoades? Answer those questions and you are from Charlotte.

Anonymous said...

Kidzplay from ChaRleston, SC here... How are youth sports coming along nowadays? Rememeber the Derita Demons, CYAC Bears, Weck Meck Indians? Rick Steamboats Gym on the "Original Outer Belt" Harris Blvd? BTW I will see to it that the Queen City will have a "Scoreboard" sports bar once again...love watching Rex and Kelly "crybaby" Tripuka (Duke guy} along with the original Honeybees there.

Anonymous said...

Ric and Dusty at Ovens? Add Rowdy Roddy Piper? Whooooooooooo? I still have baseballs from Eddie Murray that spilled over from Crocket not Crooket...

Anonymous said...

I would love to invest in a new Scoreboard sports bar for Charlotte.....it is great to know I am not the only native Charlottean left in Charlotte! We should all get together and talk about the good old days (preferably at the Penguin, Lupie's or some other still-remaining original institution)

Anonymous said...

What about that movie theater you could order drinks and food in. Silver Screen Cafe ? I think it had a different name before that.
It was on Independence

Anonymous said...

Wow! I've heard some great ones and it has me thinking!

I remember the Cinema and Draft House, which another writer referenced. The Pineville Dinner Theatre. Loved the Polar Palace and Cavalaris Skating Rink over on Morehead. There was a Shoney's where Frankie's is now my family would go to after my basketball games at the Y. How about seeing the Carolina Lightnin' at memorial. ASL champs! The Capri theatre was great. I miss the original Green's Lunch downtown. Best hot dog around. I used to play baseball on a field that was where Colony comes into Sharon, by Borders as well as Little League down on Randolph that are now apartments. I miss Fred Kirby and Uncle Jim. I saw the Poseiden Adventure at the Carolina Theatre downtown. Thank God the Penguin and Gus' Sir Beef is still around!

Anonymous said...

Nickeo's Rodeo!!!! I love hanging out there and watching everyone sing Karaoke. Does anyone remember the guy that would turn to one side and sing Michael Jackson and the turn to the other side and side Paul McCarthey?

Anonymous said...

Wow..great memories abound!

No one has mentioned the Knife and Fork Restaurant off of Independence (at Sharon Amity?)! Spent many a night in the early/mid 90's with the rest of the inebriated crowds from all the bars and clubs like Club 2000, Pterodactyl, Palomino..etc.

Anonymous said...

native here, lots of stuff already named but here is my list:
-old independence blvd with the Ace Speed Shop and the KFC which is now the dead end intersection by the Penguin. there used to be sidewalks and little strip mall shops up and down where there is now a wall
-Godfathers pizza in matthews at the old train depot and on albemarle rd too(sunrise rest. now). family night was godfathers then a movie at the Recency $1.00
-old(safe)eastland mall with farrells and the record bar
-old southpark with the big t.v, and cafeterias
-stanleyville grill on 7th which is now starbucks and schlotzkys(r.i.p). used to drink underage there as well as jack straws.
-1313,4808, the Pterodactyl club.cood music venues and clubs
-krispy kreme on hawthorne/independence
-skate palace on south blvd,kates skating rink
-freedom park when you could climb in/on the tank,plane,and train
-crocket park was just a homerun away from vinnies
-old independence building downtown(now BOA)
-old Belks downtown with lunch counter(now rock bottom)
-stanleyville drug store on 7th(now dollar general). they had a great lunch counter in the back
-Jacks Steakhouse on Independence blvd(now sampsons hole or H2O)
-Thomas st Tavern when it was still a post office and the shops next door were a library
-superior feet first alternative clothing store on central
-WT Harris blvd when it was Delta rd
-Weiner King on albemarle rd and on eastway where walmart is
-Cityfair haha

Anonymous said...

My teenage/early twenties were spent in Charlotte, '69-'78, and I remember being able to ride my bike ANYWHERE! Most significantly pedalling from my home in Cotswold, crossing Independence at EASTWAY (without having to wait for the light!), to go hang out at Tryon Mall.
Krispy Kreme at Hawthorne was the best place to watch people at three in the morning.
Remember WRPL-AM, Radio with Balls!

Anonymous said...

Toy store at old Sears downtown
Midnight movies at Charlottetown
Being on Lake Norman on Saturday's and actually enjoying it
Metrolina Speedway-where Dale Earnhardt and Charlie Brown had great battles
Rasslin on Christmas day and at old studios-WBTV

Anonymous said...

THE BARCLAY Cafeteria in Belk Southpark! Oh how I miss that place. And hearing the older guy playing the piana has you walked through the ladies dept. to the cafeteria. I don't care if all of the clothes on the rack smelled like turkey dressing and yams. It was just Charlotte! Sigh!

Anonymous said...


And the Old Pineville Depot

Anonymous said...

I miss Herlocker's Park Drive In, The Thunderbird Drive In Theater on N. Tryon Street near Eastway, Crockett Park, The Regency Theater on Albemarle Road and the Hardee's on Eastway Drive. I worked at that Hardee's for five years. That was the last Hardee's in Charlotte with that 1960's pagoota type architecture. I also miss Ivey's, Belk's and Sears downtown stores.

Anonymous said...

Remember all the OLD BUILDINGS of Charlotte they tore down; They had an antebellum neighborhood that rivaled CHARLOTTE. People would have walked here from OHIO to visit all the historic buildings but NOOOoooooo somebody ordered all the wonderful Plantation homes demolished. They could have replicated them BUT NOOOOOooooo Charlotte had to have a huge Concrete Box complete with glass.

Anonymous said...

How about Tanner's Snack Stand downtown (the best orangeade), The Oriental on West Trade,
not just the Belk lunch counter downtown but its crushed ice, Ivey's apple pie and cinnamon ice cream, metal charge plates that could be used at both Belk and Ivey's and Joey the Clown's tv show on WSOC?

Anonymous said...

This sure took me back to carefree days about 25 to 30 years ago. Roller skating at Kate's. Eating ice cream at Eastland while watching the ice skaters. No thugs.

My kids played at Freedom Park on, in, on top of and through the plane and train and rocket ship. Never gave a thought to their safety. If they fell off, they learned to hone their climbing skills.

They roamed blue-painted Crockett Park, grabbing fouled-off hits, buying their own ice cream (no need for a parent to tag along). Chanting "Drungo Haaaaazzzewoood" and stamping our feet on the wooden floor. Getting in with a bunch of kids with soup can labels or church programs on family night.

Watching the 4th of July fireworks from the top level of Charlottetown Mall on blankets and lawn chairs.

Cowboy Fred in the Thanksgiving Parade. Al Rousso's jewelry store at Trade & Tryon.

Eating at Ivey's Terrace. They always had PB&J and milk for the kids. The lunch counter at the Eckerd's on the corner with the BEST chicken strips and french fries on the planet. The ladies at the counter always called the children "Sugar" or "Honey" and let the kids do their own ordering.

I could go on and on but others have already mentioned many fond memories. Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane.

Anonymous said...

Tommy, I came to Charlotte in 1988, from Wilkes county, via a couple of other states... I remember everything you mentioned... I loved the Palamino club, dancing to Mother's Finest while 7 months pregnant with my daughter, (yes I was the designated driver) smelling like smoke when we left, and stopping in for a bite afterwards at some 24 hour place on Central... (Olympic??)
Also.. Nikkio's Rodeo, the place that saved us after Hugo hit, cause they had power where we had none, and therefore we could EAT!... Also a little dive near there, where Sonoma used to be, called McZee's.. Great neighborhood bar and good burgers.. We watched the first Hornets draft from there.

Anonymous said...

My earliest memories from
60's & 70's:
-Winding 2 lane Sharon Amity Rd. w/stand of pine trees on the Eastland mall site;
-The Esso stations that gave away free "Tiger" drinking glasses
-On Independence Blvd: the Howard Johnson's w/pistacio ice cream, the McDonald's with the huge arches and walk up windows, Uncle John's Pancake House across from Merchandise Mart (delicious)
-Coliseum regulars: Tom Jones, Barbara Streisand, Elvis, Bob Hope, Dionne Warwick, Diana Ross & Supremes. The circus.
- The light at Pecan was LONG- saw everything in the windows @ Bootery & Bloomery plus the dog grooming shop with ladies walking out PINK poodles! (think the city changed the light timing later;many accidents there-men trying to get a red light,women trying to race through w/kids)
- Cotswold's deli shop
-Downtown Belk's Christmas windows,riding the escalators to the 5th floor
- The freedom to run from yard to yard w/friends outdoors; few fences;all the special 'calls' to come home for supper.
-a 4th grade Social Studies lesson on a new mall called Southpark, a theme park called Carowinds, and a new interstate (I-77)
- Charlotte driving courtesy rules:turn signals, allow room for someone to pull out of store, blink your headlights to let someone merge, WAIT for others to back out of a parking space
-Optional AC-highs of 85 degrees
-At least 1 Snow Day with GREAT sledding snow.
-Arthur's in Ivey's @ S'park, Big Ways Radio w/Jay Thomas, WBT w/Bob Lacey,Eastland Mall-Peggy Fleming skating guest, Spirit Square w/Pewter Rose, Greek Festival later in the fall, White Stallion beside Duke Power, Dikadee's Back Porch, The Chateau-great lunch burgers/amazing live pianist, The Lamplighter,
-Univ. Area-Italian Isles-best trout almondine, Sandwich Construction Company

Anonymous said...

I, too, miss Piedmont Airlines. My family would fly from Denver to Savannah every summer, changing planes in Charlotte. I loved "Piedmont Punch" as a kid and remember a flight attendant once referring to the 727 as a "big" plane!

More recently, I miss Aqua (now Coyote Ugly), with its internally-lit plastic lounge chairs and funky vibe.

I also miss Fat City. Two nights ago, when the last vestige came tumbling down in a violent storm was a sad moment indeed...

Anonymous said...

i'm a native "Charlatan" (as Dennis Miller called us on SNL). Things I miss when i was a kid in the 70s:
Woolworth's grill in SouthPark (the new Southpark is just a parking deck with stores in the middle),
Sharonview Country Club, riding horses where the Arboretum is now, watching airplanes from the old airport rooftop, buying lifesavers at the downtown postoffice, a decent mini-golf anywhere, safe trick or treating, $0.59/gallon gas at the Exxon by southpark in 1986, a world with NO cell phones and computers.

Anonymous said...


Lena said...

I was born and bred in Charlotte as well, but I'm only 22... so I couldn't possibly go that far back in Charlotte's history.
But here's what I do remember and miss:

Shopping during the Holidays when the only malls to choose from was Southpark, Eastland, Midtown Square & Freedom Mall. I miss the "singing bears playing on a banjo" puppet shows that were performed during the holidays at Eastland. I even miss the traffic jams at Eastland when people scrambled to get out on Christmas Eve.

What about the BEAUTIFUL mural of Larry Johnson, Mourning, and Mugsy that was painted on the First Union building downtown?

I also miss rolling down the hill behind Midtown Square near Wendy's on every 4th of July while waiting for the fireworks show to begin, climbing on the train at Freedom Park, Putt-Putting on Albermarle, and (Kate's) skating on Central.

Anonymous said...

I remember eating lunch downtown at "Hollywood" restaurant. One thing I really miss is the Eckerd's lunch counter, as well as the candy/nut counter in Sears. Does anyone remember seeing the very thin older lady that always rode her bike and had baskets attached to the sides of it? At any time of the day/week, you would see her everywhere. She was easily seen because of her one color flourescent outfits.

Anonymous said...

Native Charlottean, left for 20 years and came back. This brings back lots of good memories. Some things I don't see mentioned:

1. Big WAYS radio - and the concerts they had at Memorial Stadium
2. Exibition Pro Football at Memorial Stadium.
3. ACC basketball tournament at the original Coliseum (still won't call it Cricket)
4. The 10 cent burgers at McDonald's where the off-ramp from Eastway to Independence is now
5. When Charlotte had a What-A-Burger (on Independence at Albemarle)
6. When 51 and 74 was a blinking yellow light and going to the old Fish Farm was considered a loonngg trip that you planned
7. The old race track on 74 around where the H-T distribution center is now
8. The friendliness of everybody that lived here back then!

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking the other day as I drove past the Nationwide Insurance Office on Independence...WHAT???? An Insurance office where the Scoreboard used to be? No way. That place was way too cool. I bet the Nationwide dude could sell a lot more insurance if he would crank up the old big screens and throw in a few booths.

I miss Eastland Mall. I remember when Albemarle Road and East Independence was the rocking side of town. Heck Ballentyne was a cow pasture back in those days.

The Cellar,The Palomino, Pterodactyl...remember them all fondly, although I always felt things were a little strange the Pterodactyl. Heck with a name like that, what did I expect?

Progress...sometimes it ain't all it's cracked up to be.

Anonymous said...

Wow...Lots of great memories. Charlotte just is not what it used to be. I have lived here for over 20 years and came from "up north". I have many great memories about the Charlotte eateries, Athens, Andersons, and all the others that have gone the way of corporations and big business. That is what is killing not only Charlotte but much of this great nation of ours. I was just talking to my wife about the Pterodactl tonight, and Club 2000, wow! I remember seeing Matt Geiger strolling thru there on off nights, and the penny beer. Hopefully, we will keep places like the Diamond, the Penguin, Lupies, Bill Spoons, and the others so that our children may have some of the same great memories that we had. Great article Tommy.

Anonymous said...

OK, OK... Enough looking back. What are some of the places still here that you'd miss if they disappeared?

jlkwelborn said...

I, to this day, still enjoy going to malls, but none compare to the ones we had as kids. Eastway mall had the arcade and Richway. Tryon Mall had Eckerd with a diner, Push Pas, a pet store, Collins, public library, Shazada Records. Eastland Mall, not much to say here, just the greatest mall of all times. My wife and I had our first date at Annabelle's. Hot fudge cakes at Shoney's. Darryl's on Albermarle. Teen clubs: Glory Days and Weekends. Getting up the courage to go to "Devil's Den" on Margaret Wallace road. Cruisin' the Drug Emporium parking lot on Albermarle. Drive in theaters: The Viking and The Thunderbird. Riding my bike "everywhere" I would ride my bike up Graham Street to Derita Elemetary for baseball practice and not think twice. Schools when kids behaved like they should and teachers were respected. "Go North" ( North Meck class of '86). God I could go on forever. Thanks Tom for taking my mind back to a sweeter time of life.

Anonymous said...

It has definatly changed a great deal. Park Rd used to have a one lane bridge right off of Hwy 51. I saw STAR WARS at the Capri theater back in '77. I miss crockett park and the Charlotte O's. I remember when "White Lightnint" opened at Carowinds. Kelly Tripuka crying over the loudspeakers at the Hornets game. I saw Rick Flair at Freedom Mall when I was just a kid. Richway and Zayer and the big TV at Southpark Mall, wow what a change.

Anonymous said...

Im 31, lived in East Charlotte / Mint Hill area my entire life...

I miss Eastland Mall, what it USED to be. A great mall, great theater, great toy store (Circus World!). I remember my parents going to the mall on friday nights, eating in the food court, then letting me run around Circus World and the old pet store next to it. Then my dad would always sneak me a few quarters to go in the lil mini arcade that was right out side of Sears........ I miss rainy Saturdays days at the old Capri Theater.... Saturday Night baseball games at Crockett Park..... being able to go to sleep at night, with your doors and windows unlocked! So many memories of what Charlotte USED to be....

Anonymous said...

I moved to Charlotte when I was about 8 years old and lived there until just after High School. I've lived all over since then stopping back into Charlotte every few years or so to see family and its amazing how it different it is each time. I liken it to having kids in a way--you dont really notice the leaps and bounds they make because you see them everyday, but bring them to by someone who hasnt seen 'em in a while and they're amazed. So I'm the relative that hasn't seen that baby in a while.

Downtown Arena...downtown arena? Since when? LOL
Got lost in the Ballantyne Parkway area..none of that stuff was there when I left.
Looks like the outer belt is about done...remember when that was just talk.
Lots of bars and way more people hanging out downtown..used to just be suit types and mostly dead on weekends.
I saw where The Scoreboard used to be..that bummed me out too. Remember that trivia game thing you could play against everyone else in the place? Last time I was home the buiding was there but it was some sort of an, ahem, Afro-centric venue.
Lowes Motor Speedway? Not a big NASCAR fan, but common!
What do they use the newer old collisum for? LOL--The one they built for the Hornets?
I love how Charlotte has grown, I'm proud of the city--I'm proud how far its come--I'm proud to say its where I grew up. My best friend and I used to try to imagine all the stuff Charlotte would have some day...she still suprises me everytime I see her

Anonymous said...

WRPL - the original underground radio station - cooler than FM at the time.

Chronsynclasticinfindibulum - the "head shop" perfectly situated between the olr Roadhouse and the Double Door Inn.

When Shoney's had curb service, Big Boys and strawberry pie. The old Shoneys on Independence was THE place to cruise on Friday and Saturday night.

Wad's on East Blvd.

The Plaza and Manor Theaters, and the old Charlottetown Cinema with their midnight movies. (RHP played there for years on Friday night.)

The Park and Shop announcement on the hour on WBT - "It's 9 o'clock, Park n Shop time! Featuring Mrs. Filberts mayonnaise..."

The Dixie Dregs rocking the Double Door.

Griffith Park and Dilworth - before it became trendy.

The Reindeer and Turkey Bowl parties off East Blvd back in the 70's.

Ice skating at the old Coliseum.

Martina said...

the Bavaria Haus, the Rheinland Haus and the Sunday brunch at Villa Antonio's.

Anonymous said...

The Old Charlotte Restaurants are what I miss.
1. Epicurean (Best Biscuits ever)
2. Drum (Good Mac/Cheese)
3. Venus (Cheap and good)
4. Wads Soda Shop
5. Rheinland Haus (Great Place to have a beer eat some good food and talk, Free homemade soup for lunch was the best!!)
6. Braclays Cafeteria South Park (What a great place to have dinner)
7. Cheteau Restaurant (The live
piano music was the best)
8. Andy and Gregs (Very good Hot
Dogs and Sandwiches)
9. Andersons (Best Brekfast around and pecan pie)
10. Cup Board Restaurant (South Blvd institution)
11. Athens (I spent many a late night there, great atmoshphere to watch people in their not so best condition)
12. Avondale Pharmacy Lunch Counter in Dilworth. (Nice older ladies behind the counter and they made a killer orange aid I spent many of my childhood years their)

Anonymous said...

Having been in Charlotte since 1976, I miss the Dixie Electric Company, the Tree House, the Olive Tree pizza, 2001 Dance club on E. Independence, Athens restaurant, the Knife and Fork on Sharon Amity, Thompson's Bootery and Bloomery, Summerour Lamps with the outdoor lamp case that had a barrel in it from the Brookshire freeway project that said RIP on it, the original Johhny Dollar's on S. Blvd and the Rose on Tyvola. What fun times those were!

Anonymous said...

WROQ. The best rock station to ever grace the Charlotte airwaves.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget pro wrestler Magnum TA. I live in Florida now and me and my freinds still constantly talk about the good old days in East Charlotte. This is the first hate free Charlotte blog I have seen in a while. I miss the sense of community we had.

guidotkp said...

How about the old Capri movie theater on Independence. The Thunderbird drive in. And one somewhat creepy but interesting one. The XXX drive in on Statesville. Yes I admit we snuck in back in high school.
I loved the Midnight Bike ride downtown (used to hit Krispy Kreme afterward) too as well as others mentioned.

Anonymous said...


The Old big houses in Myers Park where the richest people lived, which are now bigger houses with richer people.

Sharon Hills Road. Still there, not the same.

The shopping center on Sharon Road that now houses the Barnes and noble and Bao Ding - Used to have a cool hardware store and a 7-11 with video games.

The arcade at Sears in Southpark.

The Baskin Robbins at Southpark.

Godfathers pizza at Park Road - The version from the 80's.


Anonymous said...

Park Elevator, the Alice in Chains concert there in 1992. Woolco, Zayre, Atlantic Mills and all the cool carnivals they used to set up in the parking lot. Who remembers the slide slides? You know those multi-lane fiberglass slides you walked way up the stairs, sat on your little burlap bag and whooosh! The 2 I remember were part of the defunct Putt-Putt mini golf chains. Or the waterslide on South Blvd. They also had a bigger one on North Tryon. Or riding the go-karts behind Zack's Hamburgers. Charlotte's first skateboard park on S. Blvd. The big dinosaur at Gooney Golf on Indep. Blvd. FUN STUFF! Going to the Queen Park drive-in or the Dilworth Theater to watch a movie. I've seen a lot of things disappear in 44 years!

Unknown said...

The Treehouse was the best place to party in the 70's. Then The Roxy in the 80's. Big Ways radios and Jay Thomas before WROQ took over with album rock (oh I miss that). Pal Joey's game room on S. Blvd, and the massive Enterprise game room on Indep. where I became a foosball star. :)
And who could forget the Burger Chef (near South Blvd and Tyvola. The best mustard hamburgers on the planet! The Record Bar in Southpark. The list of things I remember from the 60's to the present that are no longer still there would fill a newspaper.

Anonymous said...

The Scoreboard was THE original sports bar. It was sold when the owner pasted from cancer. That is when the original Scoreboard Restaurant died. It was truly a wonderful experience thank you Charlotte!!!!


Anonymous said...

i miss heritage island long before the joke of a water park at carowinds. also lienol toy warehouse on woodlawn. I miss the charlotte Coliseum (tyvola) that is were i graduated high school at

Anonymous said...

Did you know that when you take one of the commuter flights out of Charlotte on US Air they still say thank you for flying Peidmont Airlines!!!
The Charlotte of my adult life is so different from the Charlotte of my youth. I loved growing up here!

Anonymous said...

Not a native, but have been in and out of Charlotte for years. So far back that we used to travel Tryon Street through town to get to the Queen Anne Road area.

What I miss was Tanner's on North Tryon. I "think" it was just south of 7th street. Does anybody else remember it? Good sandwiches, juices, etc.

J. Hawk said...

Great column Tommy. I've been here 19 yrs and was lucky enough to had worked at the Scoreboard for two years. Also not to be forgotten: Springfest, Jazzfest, and Plumb Crazy (still the best club charlotte has ever had).

Lets continue to enjoy other Charlotte institutions like The Double Door Inn before they are distant memories.

Anonymous said...

What memories! I remember as a kid going to Suttle's swim club way out Wilkinson Boulvard on Saturdays and the Weiner King on Wilkinson. Another memory was Holly Farms chicken at Independence Boulevard and Glendora. What about Lum's hot dogs before it became the Sandwich Construction Company? Remember Brendle's on South Boulevard and on Independence? What about Elman's on Albemarle Road and Service Merchandise on Independence? This has been fun!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember the "Morehead Junction" or "Boardwalk Billies" - not the restaurant but the nightclub on Monroe Rd. between Sharon Amity and Eastway? How about "Simon Sez" - THE best mexican food that was located on 7'th St. at Caswell.

Anonymous said...

Casa Gallardo & Grady's on Albemarle Rd...
La Strada's, when it was on Central Ave. @ Rosehaven...
When the "gold" building was built on Independence Blvd/Farmingdale and it was at the City Limits!
Beauregards on Farm Pond, behind the McDonald's...
The Cinema Blue XXX beside Dixie Electric...
When the Independence High Patriots football team couldn't win a game, now they can't lose!!

Anonymous said...

Remember the Lil' General Stores (before Circle K or 7-11)? I loved Shakey's Pizza Parlor with the Little Rascal movies constantly playing. How about the Plymouth dealership on Independence/Albemarle Rd?
The Holly Farms' taters!!

Anonymous said...

Another native here...back in the 70s Cotswold was THE shopping mall. Some of my memories of Cotswold: Ernie's records where I bought The Beatles "Help" album, with money earned delivering Charlotte's best paper, "The Charlotte New" (another defunct part of Charlotte)Cotswold also had the Jersey Junction, a great ice cream store where bubble gum was a new flavor that people stood in line for. Roses was the big department store at Cotswold, along with Iveys and Faul & Grimes (or something like that). There was also the A&P and Eckerds, a great bicycle shop, and Leo's Deli . (Grocery stores did not carry deli stuff back then) My mom would drop us off on Saturday morning and we would roam the mall all day. Lot's of fun for a young teen!

Anonymous said...

Christmas Day NWA Wrestling at the "Old" Charlotte Coliseum!

Anonymous said...

where did all these natives come from? i thought we were a dead breed.

1st, Thanks Tommy this list is great, but there are still a few i didn't see listed:
-Freedom Mall (when it was a thriving "real mall") and the drive-in movie theater next door
-Sports Consignment on Independence
-Z100 radio
-Sugarcreek, the band
-WCCB channel 18 Larry Sprinkle's afternoon kids TV program as a space alien
-all the shops and the worn asphalt of the old Independence Blvd at Pecan thru to Albermarle (the tight lanes at the Plaza KFC)
-"the Church" next to the Miletsone Club (GG Allen and Antiseen have changed the way i view the term "live acts")
-Park Elevator
-Holly Farms' famous chicken livers at Tuckaseegee Rd
-Milestone Records on Moorehead
-Record Exchange on Eastway
-Myers Bicyles at Kings (former employee)
-Zydeco's at Kings (ummm, crayfish etouffee)
-West Meck Indians ('89 rep-ra-zent!)
-4x4wheeling the powerline trails of what is now 485, long before the road started
-Shuffletown Dragway, i could hear em at home every SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY! (quick 8 doorslammers, anyone?)
-the Ford parts plant on Wilkinson Blvd

...i could go on and on.

side note: if you get to Bobcats Arena look up in the outer ring upstairs for a huge tapestry set overhead Paul Rousseo compliled with a ton of the old names, logos, and icons from these days gone by.

s pagan

Anonymous said...

Kidzplay from Charleston, SC again...Just can't get enough of "memory lane"...I randomly ran into a childhood pal also living in the Charleston area this weekend (small world) and let him know about this article and the great response. Nice job Thomas...Oh yeah , I have one more for ya'll...

--PM Magazine featuring Maura Quinn and Bob Lacy.

--Is the Dairy Queen still on Wilkinson Blvd? That was nice on a hot sunday afternoon hangin' with the grandparents...

Anonymous said...

I can't believe no one mentioned the live monkeys they had on a pirate ship at Carowinds. Please tell me I'm not the only one who remembers that.

Anonymous said...

Hello. I am a native Charlottean too. Reading all these memories made my head hurt. I am almost in tears. Some of my memories:

1. Charlottetown Theater- I went on my first date to see "Colors".
2. Skate Palace on South Blvd.
3. Crocket Park.
4. The petting zoo at Hornets Nest Park. There was also a "fun house" ride there that we used to pile into and roll around.
5. SpringFest
6. The old Eastland Mall with the Tweed Shop, Maurices, The Record Bar, Ormonds, Orange Julius', etc.
7. The old West Charlotte High when it was the best darn high school in the country. (c/o '91 baby!)
8. WGIV- when R&B and hip-hop was real. Does anyone remember calling in at 5:00pm to freestyle: WWWWWW-G-I-V!
9. Concerts at the real Charlotte Coliseum (Ind. Blvd)
10. Cruisin' on Beaties Ford Rd./Hornets Nest Park
11. The big waterslide on N. Tryon
12. When the eastern leg of Harris Blvd. was a two-lane road called Newell Hickory Grove Church Rd. (I remember Delta Rd. too)
13. Gooney Golf
14. Piedmont Airlines
15. Air shows at the old Chr.-Douglas Airport
16. The annual Metrolina Fair (County Fair) at Metrolina Expo.
17. B-Market on the corner of The Plaza and Milton Rd.
18. The Silver Screen Cafe that was next to Vintage on The Blvd. that was on the other side of Sugar Shack (formerly BB Jamz). All were behind the Piece Goods cloth store.
19. Dance Wars at Grady Cole
20. Cowboy Classics on WCCB 18 (remember the catchy theme song)
21. The nasty a$$ Duff's restaurant on N. Tryon with the revolving buffet.

Great article Tommy

Anonymous said...

Correction on no. 18: I meant Club Metrowas in that mix too.

Anonymous said...

A native, I left in '92 but Mom still lives in Charlotte. I can't believe how many landmarks are gone! The JFG sign??

The one thing I always hated about Charlotte was a seemingly all-consuming desire to "white-bread" the place. Not the capital and not Atlanta, Charlotte has always had an inferiority complex from hell. All things cool go away.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of waterslides...how about the one on 521 between Charlotte and Pineville (on your right as you headed south). I loved how it stayed visible even after closing...overgrown with weeds, garbage, etc...classic!

Anonymous said...

Wow, some that were already mentioned that I remember well.
-Freedom Mall- there was a Harris Teeter there (that everyone from Harding High worked at)
- oh, Harding Rams used to win championships then, Tommy Knox was coach (sound familiar)
- Shuffletown, great place
- I remember Suttles swim club too
- and the drive in on Freedom
- the Ritz (Capri) on Independence
- the huge arcade @ Carowinds, gone
- the bowling alley on Freedom
- yeah, the Cellar, 1313, 4808, thanks for the reminder
- and, Jeramiahs on Independence
- cruising Franklin (the Sports Bar, that was really a dance club)
- the Palomino, they had rock concerts there too
-Mothers pool hall on South Blvd
-the original PaperDoll, down Wilkinson from the "new" one
-walking to school on the westside
-when UNCC was rural
-Lisa's Q (pool hall) on N.Tryon
-riding dirt bikes through the area that Concord Mills sits on
-the Belks and Iveys downtown
-my first job @ Hardee's on Freedom
-the "Kitchen" was a bar with pool tables at the corner of camp Greene and Wilkinson
-the Fishcamp on Wilkinson @ the river. (maybe still there?)
-clean up after Hugo, wow
-when neighborhoods didn't have cul-de-sacs.
-trying to get a job @ Radiator Specialties
O.K. they all weren't icons, just memories...Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Hannah Storm doing the sports on Ch 36?

WPEG FM-98 was "Disco 98"?

Harold Johnson was on WBT with Bob Lacey?

Grady Cole was The Park Center?

Robert Murphy replaced Jay Thomas?

The Crocketts OWNED wrestling?

The North/South Double-Header Tournament at the Charlotte Coliseum (Indep Blvd)?

Festival in the Park at Freedom Park was THE festival?

Ch 18 was the ABC affiliate? Ch 9 was the NBC? Ch 36 was WRET, an independent station that played cartoons in the afternoons after school?

Anonymous said...

OK, if you don't mind me taking you up North a bit to Lake Norman, exit 28 in the 1980s. There were only a few establishments, Ham & Eggs, Cashions Quick Stop, A small bait store, Piedmont Bank, Cashions Grocery store, The Huddle with the Big-T burger, Barretts gas station, Outrigger Harbor, WherRena Marina,Holiday Harbor, and a little tiny diner in an air streamer trailer which I don't recall the name of, on the left as you approached Davidson on 115. Ahh the good old days.

Anonymous said...

Fish camps? Gus Purcells Fish camp was great, heading out Independence Boulevard towards Monroe, it sat about where Carmax is now. That was the city limits back then. (1980-81) Great salt & pepper catfish and BBQ shrimp "still in thier warm up jackets" as the menu stated.

Anonymous said...

Yet another native!

The long bus ride to Gus Purcell's Day camp out Providence Road( out in the country!)70's

The gameroom on Middleton Drive (next to Mayberry's)70's

Hugh McManaway directing traffic. 70's

The woods off Providence and Vernon complete with 3 lakes, a waterfall, a wooden bridge, and a great creek to rock hop in.70's

Lunch counter at Eckerds on Providence and Queens and the bookstore in the basement of that same shopping center.70's

Camping at Outrigger Harbor on Lake Norman and watching intoxicated people de-board the Outrigger Dinner Cruise boat.70's

Catching Heavy Metal bands at Morehead Junction. 80's

Steppenwolf at Kidnappers. 80's

The Par Four (beer joint ) in Davidson.80's

House of Chinese Gourmet with vegetarian menu. 90's

Anonymous said...

Remember Taco Loco on Central at Rosehaven? The Red Lobster on Monroe Road? Hermanos mexican restaurant on Independence Boulevard? We use to ride dirt bikes at Shamrock and Sharon Amity. Kroger supermarket on Albemarle Road at Farm Pond? We use to go 4-wheeling in the field where what is now Crown Point shopping center? Remembering Darryl's on Albemarle was a blast from the past! When the Regency theater went from $1 to $1.50 and that seemed like a travesty of justice. KMart at Independence and Eastway. Pic'n Pay shoes? Laser Tag behind the Regency theater. Bennigan's at Southpark. McDonald's at Milton and the Plaza. That little meat shop on Fairview at Simsbury. Kenny Rogers Rotisserie on Fairview. Athletic Supermarket on Indepednece near Farmingdale. Boars Head restaurant at Albemarle and Sharon Amity. Remember that restaurant that was a caboose at the opposite corner of the Boar's Head. There was also an Italian Restaurant that sat there on one of the corners as well...can't remember it's name...it later became Fudruckers. Anyone remember the name of that caboose restaurant?

Anonymous said...

Remember the White Horse on Eastway? Interstate 5 roller skating on Monroe Rd? Jiffy Mart on Rama Rd by the tracks? The Purina dog food plant on N Tryon?

Anonymous said...

Remember the Intimate Bookshop at Eastland Mall with the hardwood floors?

And Spencer’s Gifts inside Eastland? - that place looked crazy at Halloween.

What was the name of the restaurant at the corner of Albemarle and Sharon Amity made out of real train cars?

Remember when most everyone here pulled for the Washington Redskins because there was no closer team (except for the lowly Falcons)?

Remember the Home Economist on Independence? That's where you shopped for natural or unusual food items.

I loved Olive Tree pizza on Sharon Amity. Remember what they called their everything pizza? "The Garbage Can." And what was that train-themed restaurant right near there called on the same side of the road? They had a model train that would run around the inside perimeter of the place. There was a bike store in between these places.

Anonymous said...

I miss Doubting Thomas (the band), the Moon Room, Pike's (the one that used to be over on Shamrock), Little Professor Books, Repo Records ...

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember the Dogwood Room at the Airport 77 Restaurant in the 50's and 60's? My parents, The Kirkmans, operated the restaurant for 20 years, retiring in 1966. Mayor Stan Brookshire presented them with a certifcate and plaque of appreciation for their contribution to the community.

The Dogwood Room was known for the sparkling birthday cakes presented by my mother.

Another specialty was "Bird of Paridise", a Rock Cornish Hen atop a fresh Puerto Rican pineapple. Served with Tomatoes Provencal and pearl onions saute.
And for an exquisite finale, a slice of the Dogwood Room's spedial cheesecake. Total cost for 2 people--$6.95 Add a bottle of Grenache Rose' wine--$1.50

Anonymous said...

How about riding down Rea Road in the middle of the night in an early 70's-era bomb of a car, taking the hills so fast that you lost your stomach?

And the REAL Charlotte Coliseum? That was a worthy historical structure that would have made the city proud for renovation. I saw/heard more concerts in that place that I have no memory at all about seeing or hearing. The hallways were always lined with passed out patrons lying in their puke.

I mourned the day that Rose's at Cotswold closed.

And wasn't Wad's on Providence Road and not East? I used to walk down through the woods behind my grandmother's house on Sharon Road to get there in order to buy Now-Laters.

I didn't read all of the 97 comments, but has anyone mentioned Ira G. Phartz? I will never drink Strohs Light again.

Anonymous said...

I'm 48, my best memories of Charlotte are from the early 80's and I agree with all the places mention...I miss old Charlotte! This goes to show our Major and city officials that everything new is not always better. Does Charlote have a defining icon? Do we have any historical site?

tommy tomlinson said...


This marks the 100th comment on this thread. Unbelievable. Y'all have really delivered. You've reminded me of a lot of great stuff, and made me wish I was around for the rest.

Three more from my early days here that the comments made me remember:

-- The JFG sign on the John Belk Freeway. I always expected to smell coffee when I drove by. Instead I smelled burning tires from the factory on the other side of the road.

-- The Redskins on the radio. Like somebody mentioned, the 'Skins were the hometown team before the Panthers came along. I never cared for the team but LOVED the comedy team of Sonny Jurgensen and Sam Huff on the radio broadcast.

-- The Eckerd's at Eastland Mall. I did a story years ago where I spent 24 hours at the mall. That Eckerd's had a lunch counter, with waitresses who looked like they had seen everything. Good eggs, too, especially after walking the mall all night.

Again, thanks for the 100 comments. Hell, let's go for 200...


Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 6:34pm.....no, Wad's was on East Blvd near the entrance to Freedom Park. Remember when President Jerry Ford came in 1976 and spoke here to celebrate the country's bicentennial and the Meck Dec? We got a field trip from junior high (Go Randolph Raiders!) to see him.

You are thinking about Providence Rd Sundries when it really was a drug store with an ice cream and candy counter in the back. I must have been there with you buying "Now-N-Laters" which we used to trade with our friends. We would come from the back street off Hanson Drive.

Remember Betty Feezor cooking and Clyde MacLean doing the weather on Channel 3's "Top-O-The-Day" show at noon? My 6th grade teacher turned it on and we watched everyday while we ate our lunch. She loved Cloudy Clyde.

And we didn't have an NBC affiliate station here for a long time.....

Remember before I-77 was built and going for the weekend to someone's A-frame lake cabin was a long trip up US 21? And going to Carowinds was like driving to Timbuktu. Go far south to Hwy 51, turn right and go by horse farms and cow partures until you get to South Carolina. I was there at Carowinds the second week it was opened.

Gus Purcell Day Camp, which was so far out is now the Siskey Y's Camp Eagle Rock on Kuykendal Road near the Arboretum.

Remember when the poor souls who lived in that modern new neighborhood of Raintree had to drive all the way to Pineville or to Providence Square for groceries?

First movie with a boy (in a group) "The Sting" at Charlottetown Mall. Midnight movies at SouthPark theaters (Star Wars and RHP). The 5-7-9 shop at SOuthPark and the Tweed Shop at Cotswold. Buying first 45 record from Earnie's in Cotswold "Nights in White Satin". Eating at the Rose's counter and hearing the clang of porcelain plates while you shopped in the cheap jewelry and make-up?

Orange Julius at Eastland and going on dates to Annabelle's and the movies next door. Prom kids going to Slug's at the top of the tower or Independence Blvd.

East Meck students going to Liberty East late at night or early in the morning, depending on your evening...

Remember when Wendover Rd ended at Providence and did not connect to Randolph or Independence> Remember when Fairview Rd wasn't there and Carmel started at providence and curved around COuntry Day School? Remember when Sardis Road North didn't connect and had a few homes off it? WHen going to UNCC for cheerleading camp meant you spent the night since it was too far out to drive every day and the only way up there was North Sharon Amity to Hwy 49?

The very modern NCNB branch on Park Road.Dancing in the disco 70's at the Roxy on Independence and sneaking in to watch bands (like Nantucket)at the Treehouse.Remember when you couldn't buy liquor in bars or restuarants and had to bring your own in a "brown bag"? I remember the fight to pass that in 1978-79.

I've been here for 35 years and still live here. it is very different, but I love riding by Carmel COmmons Shopping Center and remembering that I learned to drive in the field that it once was.

Anonymous said...

Favorite old bars:
1. The Silver Dollar Saloon (Sharon Amity)
2. Simon Sez ( 7th Street)
3. Boardwalk Billys ( Monroe Rd )
4. Ira G. Fartz ( Monroe Road)
5. The Tree House ( Independence Boulevard)
6. The Dixie Electric Company
7. The Roxy
8. Viceroy Park ( Tyvola)
9. Johnny Dollars ( Monroe Rd )
10. The Yellow Rose ( Tyvola)
11. The Depot - topless -
( Woodlawn Rd.)
12. The Kit Kat Klub - topless (East Morehead)
13. The Pale Face (N. Tryon)
14. The Checkered Flag ( N.Tryon)
15. O'Neills (downtown)
16. Kidnappers (Old Pineville Rd)
17. Sandwiche Construction Co. (Charlotte Town Mall)
This is circa 1975 - 1982
Please add any I have forgotten. Some of the addresses are fuzzy, that was many beers ago!

Anonymous said...

A tip of the hat to the icons that remain (I think!):

The Double Door Inn

Price's Chicken Coop.

Mr. K's on South Blvd.

Lupies on 7th St

The "old Coliseum"

Park Center (now the Grady Cole Center) where I saw the best concert ever - Little Feat - in 1978.

Memorial Stadium

The Duke Mansion in old Myers Park

The Manor Theater

Cotswold Mall and Park Rd Shopping Center - both approaching the ripe old age of 50!

Sadly, the list gets shorter every year. I am in Charlottesville, VA at the moment - in a city and state that celebrates its rich history rather than replace its charm with steel, glass and concrete. There's much to be said for looking ahead and planning for the future. There is equal benefit in keeping our history alive and part of our culture.

Anonymous said...

I am 73 so these will be some really old memories- Green Gables restaurant on Providence -Queen City Soda Grill at Queens and Providence - The Wooden Bowl downtown - the S&W where we kids watched movies while our parents ate - HuBobs on Kings Drive - So many memories - by the way the grill going into Davidson from Cornelius had a catchy name - The Bun Warmer. thanks Tommy -its been fun!

Anonymous said...

Wads on East was about perfect. Living on the campus at Charlotte Memorial Hospital (before it was a Medical Center they had apartments for medical redidents) Wads was the place for a grilled cheese and home made shake. Then go upstairs to the upscale stereo shop and dream about the fancy audio equipment.

Pineville Dinner Theater was fun...saw Jessica Lange there circa 1980 in a forgettable play. Said at the time her career is over!

Anonymous said...

Some memorablerestaurants that are gone (and some not so memorable)

-T&P (Scott Avenue)
-Cafe Flavors (behind Park Rd. Shopping Center
-Cafe Soleil (Scott Avenue)
-Guiseppe's on East
-Food Doobies...and then Fresco Cafe (Latta Arcade)
-Big Sky Bread Company
-Santa Maria (Pineville)
-Shakey's Pizza
-Jack's Steakhouse on South (where Mother's used to be)
-Hungry Bull on South
-Chin Tso on East
-There was an Italian sandwich shop on Selwyn for like a day...they sold a mortadella and hard-boiled egg sandwich that was incredible.
-MinuteMan Pizza...great delivery place...I used to cut coupons out of the "TV Week" along w/ Putt-Putt coupons...40 tokens for $5 (the Putt-Putt on South and Woodlawn...where CVS is now).
-Jimmy's Deli on Montford

Speaking of Montford...did anyone else go to the daycare center at Park Lanes while their mother bowled? Surely I'm not the only one who was scarred by that!

Southwest (Pinewood, Smith, Olympic) hung out at Godfather's on South (there was a scary cut-through behind Yorktown Apartments that would spit you out at Godfathers)...Putt-Putt on South and Woodlawn)...and as adults...the Hechinger parking lot was a big hangout for some reason.

Anonymous said...

to answer the question about the rail road car restaurant on sharon amity/albemarle I THINK it was Mr. C's.if so not sure if it's the same as the ones on monroe and beatties ford. they had the model train going through the whole place.schwinn bikes was next door and the SYMS place was handy lumber and then hechingers. remember surfers exchange by eastland-surf and skate shop.

and YES I remember cutting out putt-putt coupons from the tv week. 5$ for 40 tokens.awesome at the time.

and I thought I was the only one who remembered wrestling on Christmas day. I wanna say it was free . I always asked my folks to take me but they werent having any part of that.

Anonymous said...

Godfathers Pizza on Independence, and the Park Road location, both GONE.

Charlottetown Movie Theater - I saw Star Wars there the weekend it opened in 1977. MAN!, that was a long line and a crowded theater.

I was born in Charlotte in 1964, grew up in Mint Hill. I'm sure there's a few people who remember the drugstore located next to McEwen's Hardware store. They had lunch counter just like Eckerds. I spent many a summer day there buying baseball cards and comic books.

Anonymous said...

Fred Kirby, Camelot records, Eastland Mall (when it was nice), Lake Norman (before it was ruined), 1313.

Anonymous said...

Wow what great memories! Does anyone remember the horse stables over by Carowinds (where the camp ground is now) and the helicopter rides across the street? I spent many a Friday night at Queens Park and Mack's on South Blvd. Po'Folks on South Blvd had the best fried chicken around and you can't beat sweet tea from a mason jar! At least we still have Spoons BBQ...

Anonymous said...

The Silver Screen movie theater that used to be on Independence and Albemarle. Tables and chairs, third run movies,the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and on Tuesday nights $10 got you a movie, 10 wings, and a pitcher of beer!

Anonymous said...

I remember the Dogwood Room at Douglas Airport as THE place to go for a special birthday meal. The concourses were just covered walkways with sides that let the weather in...you had to walk out to the airplane and up the stairs to get on.

And the Ming Tree on Providence Road (Where Mecklenburg Furniture is) as the place for Chinese takeout. They always gave me an almond cookie that was to die for!

The old Charlotte News building in the first block of South Church Street. I also went on the last tour of the old Observer building before it was closed and torn down. I was in high school then.

When I was in junior high, the fun Saturday activity was getting on the bus ($.20 fare) and riding uptown to shop and eat lunch. I never ate at Kress's but I remember hearing it had great food. Normally I went to the cafeteria on the fifth floor of Belk's because it was cheap!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember the Hungry Bull that was on Monroe Road? Another memory for me as a kid was the huge haunted house that was on Monroe Road and there was also another one on Morehead.

Anonymous said...

A few more. Do you remember these?

When the now Chinese resturant in what was the Hechinger/Syms (now a Mexican grocery) parking lot on Sharon Amity was a plant nursery (Turtle Creek, I think).

Kays Gary - Always did articles on interesting local people and unusual things kids did.

The apartments at Sharon Amity and Hickory Grove Rd was a horse riding stable.

When the Darby Acres shopping center was just the A&P. And when they opened the A&P at Albemarle and Farm Pond.

When Eastway Jr HS and Garinger HS (class of '74) were the suburban schools. Even had trailers at them back in the '60's and '70's.

When there was a Harris and a Teeter, one for groceries and one for meat.

The first Family Dollar store, on Central.

When Charlotte had TWO daily newspapers and the afternoon News was the best (even the old K-R Observer beats what we have now)

Anonymous said...

Kidzplay9 from Charleston here again, I'm obsessed...My eyes water and hair raises every time I read these comments...Does anyone remember when CMS took its good students to CAMP THUNDERBIRD? What a great place for potential young love!!!


Anonymous said...

Speaking of CMS...does anyone remember how good the hot cherry turnovers they used to serve at lunch were? I want to say they were around $.35 at lunch...I also remember having pencil machines that sold NFL pencils for a quarter - these were the best for pencil fights (no rubber pencils allowed)!

Unknown said...

Anyone remember the Soap Box Derby track at the end of Tyvola. That's when Tyvola deadended at Farmbrook. I went to those races every year.

Unknown said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention taking horse back riding lessons out Nationsford Rd. They had a big stable and great riding trails. I wish I could remember the name of that place.

Anonymous said...

I graduated from Myers Park in '72 so now you know how old I am! The family moved not long after that so here is what I've always missed most since that time:
*TANNER'S downtown - loved the hot dogs and Orange Julius!
*ROSE'S downtown and Charlottetown Mall (Woolworth's, too)
*LEO'S DELI (near Presbyterian Hosp)
*7-11 near Myers Park
*REXALL PHARMACY (and Doc Hardee)
*A&P and ECKERDS on Providence
*IVEY'S restaurant downtown
*Driving around to the back of the airport, and lying on the hood of the car to watch the planes fly right over as they land!
*Playing kick the can with all the neighborhood kids.
*The stationery store at Park Road Shopping Center, oh and the bakery there, too!
*Yes, the drug store next to the Manor theater - they had the best grilled pimento cheese sandwiches and cherry cokes at the fountain!
*I miss driving down Queens Road West under all the gorgeous trees.
*And driving out toward Monroe to go to the glass shop.
I'm still homesick after all these years...

Anonymous said...

In repsonse to KeRu60:
Porter's Riding Stables was what you were referring to on Nations Ford Rd. I use to go there too! Small world!

Anonymous said...

To KeRu60:
I use to love the Soap Box Derby races over on Tyvola. I can't believe out of all the posts here you were the first one to mention that! Way cool!

Anonymous said...

As a long time, now former Charlatan...the restaurant at Sharon Amity and Albermarle Road with the train cars was Victoria Station, the Italian Restaurant across (best pasta EVER in Charlotte) was Gilios

Remember Murphy in the morning, he was the first onto Jim Baker with his PTL (pass the loot) club and Battlestar Gastonia, teh Terrace in Ivey's the Gold Room in Belks, The Kripy Kreme downtown....as to a Historic site...remember and preserve te Hesikiah Alexander house before the new museum trustees forget it in their efforts to grow a "real" history museum.
Tommy, you are a treasure and fill a part of the void left by Kays Gary. Is Ken Garfield still there doing sports...I remember his stint as editor of the Morganton News Herald.
I remmeber cotton fields just south of Southpark mall along two lane Park Road.

Anonymous said...

1. Green Acres Rest Home/ Now University Hospital
2. Mercy Hospital
3.The Charlotte News with the greenpages
4.Charlotte Town Mall/ Outlet Square
5.Reliable Music
6. A&P stores
7. Collins/Peebles
8. Kmart
9. riding in the car standing on the hump in the back seat when I was 3
10. Fred Kirby
11. The Briar Hoppers

Anonymous said...

I'm only 24, but I was born and bred in Huntersville/Charlotte.

Anyone mentioned Grady's yet... best cheese bread EVER!

Birthday parties as a kid at Putt-putt, Burger King on Independence, and Heritage.

All the original Huntersville folks: Maxway, Tasty Treat, no traffic, cow pastures, quiet Saturdays on Lake Norman, and we got so excited when we found out we were getting a Waffle House. That was before it was cool to live in Huntersville.

Now Statesville Rd looks like Independence Blvd... nothing but car lots.

I still have so many Hornets stuff. Mugsy and Larry were my favorites as a kid.

How sad were yall to see Magic 96.1 (the oldies station) go?

Renee said...

what wonderful memories!My husband & I are both native to Charlotte. I grew up during the time when you knew just about everyone! My daddy played ball at Freedom Park for Stanly Drugs and the field beside WBTV. I remember going to Queens drive-in and Skyland restaurant on Seneca and South Blvd. The rebel room on Freedom drive inside Bizzell Drug store was a great place to eat! Daddy (Pickle Moore) and Harry Bizzell were good buddies. Daddy was friends with all the owners of our landmarks. He even took our great dane to eat at Athens one night in the late hours. Couldn't do that now! Anyone remember Roger Little's Dodge Country, or Bill Beck Pontiac? The jingles still are in my memory!Remember Fred Kirby riding in the parade? My grandaddy owned the Esso/Exxon on Freedom drive. Back in the day they put a tiger in your tank! Gave away tiger tails for the antenna. Before we had all the fancy restaurants, we only had to choose from a few like Staleys, Swains, The Stork at Freedom Village. Charlotte was very small and I miss it so much! As a small child, I use to watch the parade from the Carolina Motor Club building because my dad worked there. That building is gone now. Does anyone remember SharonView Country Club? Daddy and his friends would always be dressed in suit and tie to play cards and hang. Can't imagine that now! If you lived on the Westside you knew all about going to Black Snake Rd. Whew! That was fun! Never locked doors back in the day, everyone was family. If we could only go back...

Anonymous said...

What a great ride through Charlotte history!! My family moved here from Hickory in 1961 and I remember: the South 21 on Independence where your food was delivered by a high school kid on roller skates (cool!)flying on Eastern Airlines "Whisperjets",the Dobbs Restaurant across from the Park Rd mall where they served authentic Hawaiian luaus, listening to James K Flynn/Don Russell on WBT radio - now THAT was radio! Also being a trekkie, I used to watch Don Russell on WBTV on Friday nights dressed as a Starfleet officer :)my first job at FOOD TOWN - now Food Lion ...thanks for the memories!!

Anonymous said...

Hey ya'll. Here's a few:
-Not being able to go ANYWHERE without running into someone you knew.
-Thank you whoever mentioned Holly Farms taters-perfection!
-Murphy in the Morning
-The Food Lion Rap commercial (still cant get it out of my head)
-John Boy and Billy on 107.9
Also, i was so jealous of those kids who got to ride on the back of the little train at Carowinds and wave at the cameras every day on channel 18s Afterschool Express! I hated them all! There is also a website dedicated to the memory of Old School Carowinds, remember when it was so special to get out there? There is a picture of a man getting on Thunder Road and he's wearing a suit! Remember how much everyone loved White Lightnin'? The Oken (or was it Open) Bucket ride?

Anonymous said...

^Oaken Bucket- you needed a strong stomach for that ride. I remember getting an excused absence from high school to make a commercial on White Lightnin' (don't hate). The site you mentioned:

Anonymous said...

...thinking of the early years of Carowinds reminds me of going and having a polaroid picture taken with "Ringo" the raccoon mascot. Boy, that meant the world to me! Ringo was to Carowinds as Mickey is to Disney World. I need to start looking for that polaroid!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Great memories, Tommy...brought back a few others:

-Big WAYS Treasure Hunts
-WGIV and their magical signoffs with Genial Gene
-The 'back door' from Woolworths on N Tryon to Belks on E Trade
-WBTV's Alan Newcombe
- Sharon Elementary School when it was on Sharon Road
-The Charlotte News (I was a carrier as a young teen)
-Myahs Pawk East Meck games at Memorial Stadium
- 'Joey Trees' on WSOC
..E. Meck, '67

Anonymous said...

Well I just saw this page ... probably way too late for anyone to read, so I'm just going to post these memories for myself :) I grew up in Charlotte from 1976 to 1996-ish.

1) Reddmann Rd used to be the cut through route from Idlewild Rd to Eastland ... guess the neighborhood banded together to cul-de-sac it and end the traffic!
2) Home Economist ... not the one at Idlewild/Independence but the *old* one on Independence near Lorna St. before it was a freeway. Used to go there with my parents and buy bulk banana chips and cashews ...
3) When Independence Shopping Center used to have a Zayre and a Mayberry Ice Cream (best banana splits!) and at the other end was Harris Teeter and Piedmont Carpet. The building used to stop there until they added a whole other wing with a bunch of little stores in it.
4) At Independence/Conference Dr. there was a Richway, Big Star, Catherine's Stout Shop and a public library. (Is it even PC to call something a "stout shop" anymore??)
5) Capri Theater. Saw Pete's Dragon there in ... 1977? My sister threw up in her popcorn and my best friend's mom had to come pick her up, but I got to stay for the whole movie.
6) Roll-A-Round skate rink on Delta Road. Remember how great it was to get one of those invitations to a skate party?? "Bring your invitation when you come!" ... I guess to prevent party crashing or something.
7) Shoney's on Independence near 51 ... mmmm strawberry pie.
8) Food Town next to the KMart near Eastway/Independence. I remember when they renamed it "Food Lion" and had all those TV commercials with the guy saying "Food LION." I thought, what a dippy name.
9) Jiffy Mart on Rama Rd.
10) Every single year of elementary school there was a field trip to the Nature Museum. Same stuffed raccoons, same planetarium show year after year after year ...
11) Camp Adventure (YMCA) on Lake Wylie. Not to be confused with Camp Thunderbird ...

Why do people have to make every city look the same? Stop bulldozing stuff. Stop.

Anonymous said...

Growing up, a huge treat was going to Po Folks -especially looking forward to a dessert of one of their huge biscuits with molasses. Yum!
I also miss Quincy's Steakhouse at it's best- the yeast rolls with honey butter were outrageous!

Cotswold Comet Girl said...

We are the Elliott girls who grew up in the 60's in the Cotswold area. We have loved reading everyone's memories and share many of them! Here are some of our fondest memories:
1. Cotswold school when Mr. Beaver was principal.
2. The ruins of an old miniature golf course near Cotswold school.
3. Buying Icees at 7-Eleven and Koolies at Little General.
4. Cotswold Mall - Ramp that went down from Collins to the West Mall, Jersey Junction, Tweed Shop, Bush Stationers, Ernie's Records, Kenny's Shoes, Stroups children's shoes, Roses, eating animal crackers at Harris Teeter Grocery Store (James the bagger and Polly the cashier), small little red paperback books that were free with Bible verses in them at Harris Teeter, Harris Drugs that was joined to Harris Teeter Grocery Store, buying Christmas trees at the A&P, free Clark candy bars at the Cotswold barbershop, the Parasol store which was a really cool teenager clothing store.
5. Fred Kirby and the Little Rascals on Sunday afternoon.
6. Joey the Clown
7. Princess Alice
8. Connie Cottontop who hosted the Children's Theater which you bought tickets for at your school.
9. Betty Feezor
10. Big Ways was the coolest radio station and you could put a red ball on your car antenna and win a prize, also going to Big Ways Birthday concerts.
11.The old McDonalds on Independence. Bells was their competition across the street and they lured customers over with a rides for children on a little train.
12. Dairy Queen on Central Avenue near the Plaza.
13. Ben Franklins where you could buy dyed baby chicks at Easter.
14. Weatherbird shoestore in the same strip center as Ben Franklins where you would get a plastic rooster bank
15. The original Spoons off 7th Street
16. Stanley Drugs
17. The old Thompson's Children's Orphanage
18. Friday night high school football games at Memorial Stadium and also Shrine Bowl game
19. Bomb shelters that we think were near the old Harding High
20. Oriental Restaurant on Independence Blvd. There was a bridge that you walked across and looked down at the goldfish.
21. Freedom Park - climbing on train and airplane, feeding ducks, Festival in the Park, hippies that hung out there in the late 60's
22. Southpark - attending the grand opening, Intimate Bookshop, first Chick-fil-a, Woolworth's lunch counter, Arthur's in Ivey's,
23. Downtown - Belk's bargain basement, Belk's mezzanine lunch counter, Sear's candy and nut counter, going to look at window displays at Christmas, corridor that led from Belk's to Woolworths where you could get a drink of water from a fountain in a little cone shaped paper cup, Montaldo's,
24. Time capsule at Charlottetown Mall
25. Trading in books of Goldstamps and Greenstamps for merchandise.

Anonymous said...

No one mentioned the rock concerts at the armory in the 60's...they were the best....

Anonymous said...

Ramblin river raft race, think
it was sponsered by wroq.

Pineville dinner theater.

Sharon Golf Course.

Enterprise, tree house, silver dollar salon.

Olive garden, best pizza that
was in town.

Service Merchandise stores.

Holly Farms Fried chicken and
potato wedges at HT.

South 21 drive in's

Faul and Crimes sporting goods.

Calvin and all that jazz.
Midnight album hour.

Crocket stadium.

Seeing rick flair riding
in that 70's convertible
on the east side.

When 51 was a narrow twisty

South Blvd drive in theater.

Midnight movies.

Old Coliseum concerts.

Anonymous said...

I think you might have meant "Olive Tree" for the best pizza...Olive Garden is the chain.

I loved Olive Tree too - and their everything pizza was called: "The Garbage Can"

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Way cool article. Lots of great posts....

BBQ King on Wilkinson near Ashley

Open Kitchen is STILL great.

The 2 floor Montaldo's at Southpark? or was it Eastland? My mom and grandmother wore us out betweeen the 2 malls.

South Park was cool because it was carpetted. Eastland had the arcade and the Ice Rink.

Olan Mills @ Cotswold. Think I spent 1 day a year for 10 years having my photo taken for family shots.

Racing in the Soap Box Derby track that is now part of the Diehl center on Tyvola.

Shuffletown Dragway.... remember the airplane landing on the track?

Metrolina Speedway. Many a Friday night spent watching some great races. Popcorn, the old guy selling programs at the track. The riot. Old Henry Furr wouldn't pay enough so the drivers left... I remember being about 8 and being covered by Dad's Billy Scott Racing Jacket to keep the beer bottles off me. Watching Stick Elliot, Carl Smart, Fulmer Lance, Billy Scott, Freddy Smith, Haskell Willingham, Benny Clontz, The Eury's, Tim Gordon, Larry Beaver..... so many drivers.

West Mecklenburg INDIANS!!!! Coulwood BRAVES!!!!

Walking from Oakale Elementary down Radio Rd to visit WAYS radio and WROQ station.

Getting a bottle of Coke in a glass bottle at Oakdale Hardware.

Kiser Drug in Coulwood. Eating at the lunch counter there. It used to be where the old library is now at Coulwood shopping center.

Laura's Rozzelle House on 16.

Only 1 bridge on 16 crossing the river.

NO 4 lane on 16 from the trailer park north.

Hope some of you remember this stuff too... i'm only 38

Anonymous said...

I remember Joey the clown, Fred Kirby, Kilgo's Canteen, Shoney's on the Plaza, the day "Fireball" Roberts got killed at the old race track. I remember when CPCC was Central High School. I remember buying 5 cent burgers at Smith's Burger House on the Plaza. Tengin's soda shop at the corner of the Plaza and Parkwood. I remember when going to the coliseum or K-mart on Independence was a long country ride. Thats when Charlotte was a town and family lived a block or two away!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah, one more thing, I remember when the Charlotte Observer came out in the morning and the Charlotte News was the evening paper. I've gotta stop this. I'm feeling old as dirt!

Unknown said...

In response to Keru60 and anonymous...Porters' Riding Stable was my Great Grandfather, Marshall Porters' barn. My mother is Marie (She used to give lessons for "Grandaddy".) I just finished doing a video montage of the barn for my family and some of the kids that used to ride out there. Alot of them still meet up every year to go carolling at the nursing homes. It's nice to hear that Grandaddy and his stables are still fondly remembered. He loved that stable and the children that came to ride there. I have carried around pictures and memorabilia with me for many years. He was featured in Saddle and Bridle and the newspapers loved doing articles about him, the children there and his horses. He was truely a great man. We loved him very much. If anyone remembers anything about "Grandaddy" or would like to share any stories about the barn please email me at jennifer@imprintsofaheart.com

Thanks so much for remembering my Grandaddys' stable.

Anonymous said...

This is a crazy thing to remember but does anyone remember the Foxx Drive In on Highway 115? We used to go to my grandmother's house in Huntersville and riding home at night, there was the Foxx showing their nudie movies. My mother wouldn't let me look!

Anonymous said...

Nakato's on Independence when there were houses on both sides of Independence. I went there for my senior prom and high school graduation.

Does anyone remember how big horses were in Charlotte? Belk's logo was the Saddlebred and they would actually hold Saddlebred horse shows INSIDE Eastland Mall. The temporary stalls were along the outside of Kirkland's. There was also LakeHaven Stables on Independence. I worked there, fabulous barn!

And the Pterodactyl! It touched me that this was number one on the list as I worked there for 2 1/2 years as well. I started a page on FaceBook for the club and have been astounded at the response-this place meant something to a lot of people.

Thanks for the article, I just spent a fabulous 1/2 hour reading that and the great comments!

Anonymous said...

Po Folk's restaurant on Independence. Krispy Creme, Rockola Cafe,and Dairy Queen on Albemarle Rd. JC Penney at Park Road Shopping Center and Whispers night club. Also, remember when George Shinn was a hero?

Anonymous said...

Okay. I'm from the Class of 86 (Hunter Huss High in Gastonia)
I remember going to Glory Days on Independence Blvd at Albemarle Road. We went there from October 85 until it moved over to Eastway and the Plaza in the summer of 86. I remember the following girls from the Glory Days era: Patrice Baucom (Independance High) Stephanie Poole - (East Meck) Myra Kiker (Garringer) Cindy Maybry (West Meck) Jane Hyatt (Peidmont High) Kelly Palmer - (Garringer High) Does anyone remember when "Let's Dance" filmed there?? The Fall of 1986, we went to "City Lights", which was the "Connection". Then, 87 brought us "Panama's". That's a whole differnt story...LOL How can we forget "Plum Crazy's".... Now, "The Men's Club".

Anonymous said...

Wow...... I'm a Monroe native, and I remember so many of these things... How about the Hungry Fisherman on Eastway and Central that had a huge lighthouse on the corner? I now live on The Plaza (no, NOT Plaza-Midwood) and long for the days when East Charlotte returns to those days of glory.

Anonymous said...

What about Casa Gallardo's on Albermarle Rd.

-Putt Putt arcade on Albermarle

- When you could climb on under and around the Tank, Rocket Slide, Train and Plane at Freedom Park?

-I just looked at google maps and it looks like the tank and slide are gone now...

-arcade at Sears in Eastland mall

-when people were nice and you could hang out and have fun

- midnight bike ride through downtown

- John Boy and Billy back in the day, WBCY, WROQ...

-Suttles swim club

-Regency movies for $1

-West Charlotte Lions class of '87!

-Harris Teeter on Central Ave. where i met one of my coolest girlfriends ever - Dasha

Anonymous said...

I miss "Whispers",that was the CLUB for me when I came to town from Augusta. I could't wait to see all the friends that I had made there...I here its a hardware store of something. Well just wanted to add my 2 cents about great Charolotte icons. Now I live in Nebraska and there is nothing like that here...gotta love small town life. LOL

jULIE said...

First of all, I am PROUD TO BE A NATIVE CHARLOTTEAN! Born at Mercy Hospital on Vail Ave in April 1972, Graduated 1990 East Meck.......

Next to Olive Branch Pizza on Sharon Amity was SCHWINN Bicycle Shop- Across the street was A&P and at the end of the strip mall- Dmitri’s Restaurant!
Best Fried Fillet of flounder in the world! And minestrone soup-YUM! Only TRUE NATIVES WILL REMEMBER.... THE HUGE STUFFED ANIMALS FOR SALE!!!! ????


Unknown said...

Can't believe Babe Malloy's on Independence wasn't mentioned. Directly across from original coliseum. And the South 21 Drive In - - best onionion rings on the planet.

Anonymous said...

Tommy, You are right on. Many of your big memories match with mine. The other one in that time frame was the Rhineland Haus...great family owned German restaurant. - Max

David M said...

* Bob Raiford 1974 WIST Shock Jock
* Green & White Downtown trash cans: "Keep the Queen City The Clean City:
* Riding the City Coach Lines Buses.
* The In-Ground Trampoline park at Commonwelth & Central.
* The Square was: Eckerds, Florsheim, National Shirt, SS Kreege. Imperial Room was Eckerds Eatery.
* Grants and their in store diner. S&W Cafeteria downtown.
* Jack Galye and the Money Matchbook Game on WAYS.
* The Flashing JFG Sign.

Anonymous said...

this one is killing me! remember the corner of sharon amity and albemarle road when it had the boars head and victoria station restaurants?about the time that they opened the first fuddruckers where the olive garden on independence blvd is now, there was a gourmet hamburger resturant similar to fuddruckers that opened across from victoria station. does ANYONE remember the name of that restaurant?

Charlotte's Creative Native said...

Yes- Victoria's Station was the restaurant with the Caboose, I remember that fancy hamburger restaurant- didn't last long- where the abandoned Eckerd/Rite Aid is now at corner of Albemarle & Sharon Amity.....Mr. C's or something????? Join the group Save Charlotte History on Facebook!http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1018914534#/group.php?gid=230456971038

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I miss the Dixie Electric Company on the Plaza....Saw my first "Music Video" on the big screen...it was Michael Jackson's Thriller. Danced like a maniac and met all sorts of neat folks back in the early eighties...wish we could all go back one more time!

Catherine Anne said...

Remember The Olive Tree pizza place near Eastland? They used to have green pizza crust and green beer on St. Patty's Day...so fun! Also, Joey the Clown was just about the most exciting thing I did as a child...I was on the show twice and can remember each one perfectly. They had a little "ride" with space ships going around a planet. And Joey would interview each child as they came in to sit down...how cool was that?!?

Anonymous said...

OK, so how did everyone miss the Yellow Rose on Tyvola? Some of the best music ever. Then the $1.00 hot dogs on, I think, it was Sunday's.

David said...

Well, Maybe the JFG is Re-Appearing...


Anonymous said...

I just stumbled across this post from a few years ago, mostly because I was going to Freedom Park tomorrow for the first time since I was a kid and wondered if the train (which I climbed all in) and the rocket ship sliding board were still there.
This brings back a lot of memories for me, and I was thinking about things like going to the public library in Tryon Mall every week as a kid. I remember the "Dragon's Nest" hobby store in Eastway mall being pretty important to my early teen development as well. Thanks for the memories!

Georgia said...

It’s really an awesome post! This post has brought back my memories. I remembered it was a weekend, me and my husband went out to movie in Charlottetown in a theatre we saw Star Wars there was a long line and a crowded theatre.

ChrisM said...

I feel old when all these places are now memories having lived in Charlotte from 1983 to 1995.

Moved right out of college and racking my brain on the disco/nightclub that we use to frequent behind the Park Road Shopping Center. Then I saw it...Whispers...remember it changed names several times. Also hit Plumb Crazy and Johnny Dollars. Providence Road Sundries was the place to go on Wednesday nights. Also remember late nights at the Knife and Fork. Also, drinking bears with Hugh McColl at Leo's Deli downtown in Overstreet Mall after 5:30 pm on a Friday. Sounds like lots has changed since I left.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Living here since 1957 - I remember all of these and has anyone mentioned Harris Hart CLothing store; Hardee drug Store on Selwyn; Boars Head on Albemarle Road; Jake's Charcoal Restaurant on S. Tryon downtown; The old Charlotte depot on Trade Street; Mellon's on Trade Street; the Mecklenburg Hotel; the S & W on Trade Street beside Mellons; The National Hat Shop????

Anonymous said...

Born in 1961 at Presby. Remember the thunderbird drive-in? and Yes I remember the Foxx. My mom would not let me look either. I miss Shakey's Pizza, the Oriental Resturant over near Carolina's Medical Center, when it was call Charlotte Memorial. Big ole funky WAYS. Kilgo's canteen, Jay Thomas, Mike McKay and the Boystown Auction. Saturday morning movies at Park Road Theather. I was one of the lucky kids that got to play on the train, plane, and tank at Freedom Park. That was the best. An walking around at Festeval at the Park at freefom park and the Pops on the park on Sunday nights. I miss uptown shopping, Belks, Ivey;s. Cavaler's skating rink, polar palace. The Mineshaft, Gus 49, knife and fork, Putt putt, gooney Golf, Steak and Ale, way too many places are gone and I remember them all But if you did the dinner thing you should remember this: San Remo's late at night and Rick Flair would come and depending on what he had to drink before he got there you might get dinner and a fight.

I love the JFG sign

Reddman said...

The restaurant on Albemarle & Sharon Amity(NC hwy#27) with the rail cars was called VICTORIA STATION and was later demolished and replaced by an eyewear clinic. Across Albemarle was an Irish themed restaurant originally called THE BLACK ROSE-which may have been the second tenant-and it morphed into the Lone Star Steakhouse-but the original Celtic cross sign support remained. And what about Mona Lisa pasta that opened in a former Sonoco service station near Driftwood Drive?

Also does anyone remember PEARL'S TEMPLE OF BEAUTY on e.Seventh St nr McDowell?
And what about the original HOUSE of PRAYER for ALL PEOPLE on McDowell where Bishop CM'Daddy Grace' presided over mass baptisims and prarades over Labor Day weekends??

Anonymous said...

flakey jakes was the name of other fuddruckers type restaurant at sharon amity/albemarle rd-where dollar general is today

David C said...

I Miss Motocross races at Metrolina Fairgrounds!! Especially the "hole in the wall" (jump)!

Jackie said...

I have lived in and out of Charlotte since 1974. Have been away 18 years now but like all the other posters have many memories. I first looked up this site to find information on the old haunted house that was off Monroe Rd. It was torn down long ago but does anyone else remeber that? I remember when my dad drove out of town visitors past the old white Wachovia Bldg all lit up at night because then it was a nice site to see. Also remember horse back riding at Cedarhill Farms (pre Arboretum), general admission seating at the old, old coliseum, the Hardees on Randolf Rd near Cotswold where you could walk up and pick your own sandwich off the heated rack rather than someone else serving you. I could go on an on. By the way, the restaurant many have asked abt on Sharon/Albemarle that was a train was 'Victoria Station'. Thanks for the memories!

Anonymous said...

I miss Mac Mac's,at the corner of Caswell &7th Sts...Had food by Lupie Duran and the most eclectic roster of musicians that played there.The atmosphere took you out of Charlotte and dropped you into the Bay Area for a while.

fred laws said...

Iremember going to park center in the 70`s to see wrestling matches,also going to memorial stadium to see rock concerts,but most of all going to the original coliseum where i seen so many good rock concerts from 1978 to 1987 i believe was the last time.I`m not from charlotte i live around shelby,n.c.,but i love charlotte.

fred laws said...

oh i forgot to ask is infinity`s end still open or going or whatever?

Doug J said...

remember Joe's saddle shop on central nest to science hobby? doug

Anonymous said...

Spending hot summer days at Suttles Puddle.
When we could scrape together a dollar, sharing a banana split with my brother at Freedom Village Grant's lunch counter. You chose a ballon and could get a free banana split .. we always had to pay the dollar
Working during high school at a very busy Richway on Freedom Drive.
Long lines and midnight movies at Eastland Mall.
25 cent beer at the Mining company .. I keep trying to figure out where that was on Highway 29.
Watching Cornbread Maxwell and the 49ers win my freshman year at UNCC.

Anonymous said...

Wad's on East--and when East Blvd was a four-lane road!

Anonymous said...

- Farrell's Ice Cram at Eastland Mall
- Zayre store at corner of Eastway and Plaza
-Mr. C's Grand Central
- Charcoal taste of hamburgers at Hardee's on Eastway
- Woolco
- Festival in the Park
- TAM at Nature Museum
- Double Oaks Elementary (not)

Anonymous said...

- Holly Farms Fried Chicken Restaurants

Frank C said...

Enjoyed reading all your comments. I grew up on Garden Terrace in 1940's and 1950's. Here are some memories:
-Honeycutt's Soda Shop before Wad's; getting a 13 cent Pepsi in a milkshake cup; comic book racks; a row of pay phone booths outside.
-Brumley's Grocery Store with live chickens, and home delivery.
-The Drum restaurant with draft beer.
-Hunter's barber shop on Kenilworth.
-The corner bar at Kenilworth & East Blvd. with ice cold Pabst blue Ribbon Beer in frosted glasses.
-When Ike came to "new" Freedom Park.
-Harrill's Barbeque on Kings Drive.
-The Boar's Head on Morehead.
-Myers Park Pharmacy, Dr. Lawrence, and lemon ice cream!
-The Dogwood Room at the airport with Loonis McGlohan on piano.

John Creech said...

Yeah you have covered about everything but my favorite club was not mentioned it was PHANTASMAGORIA & GENESIS it was in the same building as the Fish Farm in Matthews it was the Matthews Dinner Theater before any of them the building is gone now.

John Creech said...

Here are some things I forgot you had mentioned the Put Put on Albemarle & Sharon Amity the Blacks also had a arcade & giant sliding board. There was a head shop & clothing store next to the Double Door called Shrewd MF Holding Company also 2 more just about like it on Central Ave & on Selwyn Ave called Canned Heat You had also mentioned Cronosinclasticinfindiblium that was in the old Toddle House diner on the other side of the Double Door they moved to a bigger place on Central Ave & a new shop moved in that building called Toke is Cheap.

Anonymous said...

Tonic club!!

It was on 4th str. I spent countless nights over there. Great atmosphere, great crowd, great local DJs and world-class visiting DJs, firepits... There is no place like it anymore. It was closed in 2004.

Cindi said...

My dad grew up here and is now in his mid 80's! He asked me the other day if I could find out if anyone remembered that there was a Krispy Kreme across the street from Dilworth Elementary School, on East Blvd.? He said you could get a doughnut for a nickel there. Just wondering...he is always taking that walk down memory lane these days, lots of fun for him! This blog has made him smile, laugh and began a story with...yea, I remember the time...

pete singer said...

antbody remember the old swayback mare tavern on monroe rd in charlotte.it was my second living room in the seventies. anybody remember it or me, im pete singer get in touch at allen_sngr@yahoo.com

newbernbears said...

Wow, I lived there 1985-1997. Me and Todd ruled that town-yes sir!

Anonymous said...

Well I looked pretty thoroughly but may have just overlooked a place I frequented with my Dad back in the early sixties called Cavalaris Skating Rink on Morehead....it was fun back in the day as a child! I was born and raised in Charlotte since 1956.

Unknown said...

I remember stocking up on candy from Walker's Drug Store before church at First Baptist. Also does anyone remember the old 2001 Club that had several sections.

Anonymous said...

I miss the lasagna at Mangione's on East Blvd and the Matheny Burger at the Press Box on Montford Drive near the old IBM building.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, some repeats, but I remember also!
Ascot Motor Inn (in room heart shaped hot tubs), Lanny’s Alb. Rd, Leo’s Deli, Wax Museum, Oakhurst Grocery, Press Box, Whispers, Park Center (not Grady Cole) weekly pro wrestling, Sharon Golf Course, Eastwood Golf Course, Larkhaven Golf Course, Pro Golf Discount, Cows where Southpark Mall stands, Tart’s Stereo, Silver $ Saloon, Gus Purcell’s Fish Camp (also had him for gym class), Coach Jack Sink for Driver’s ED, Ranch House Steaks (brown bagging & the best cocktail sauce EVER), Lineberger’s Fish Fry candy counter, Carousel Club, Red Ox Saloon, Ho Toy Chinese, Hector’s South Park, B&B Grocery, Oakhust Foods, Giant Genie Grocery, Martin Hardware, Oakhurst Hardware, Mr. C’s (Monroe Rd.)

LMurphy said...

The restaurant at Albemarle and Sharon Amity was called Victoria Station. The cars were disasembled after closing and some of them were put behind what used to be the Palomino club. They may still be there.

LMurphy said...

Victoria Station. After it closed and disasembled, some of the cars ended up behind what used to be the Palomino Club. They may still be there.

LMurphy said...

Gold. Charlotte has a lot of history but I would say gold would be a defining icon. What is now the Mint Museum used to be an actual mint where money was made. The first gold rush in America started near Charlotte at Reads mine. Not sure I spelled the name right. Then there was Gold Hill. Gold Hill was the reason for the mint. Also, unknown by probably most people that live in Charlotte today, there are mines under the streets and buildings of uptown. There have been times while the groundwork for some of the buildings were being dug, the mines were encountered. Also, only from what Ive heard, the equipment and tools are still down there. So, I would say gold could be a defining icon. Maybe someone else has something more. Hope this helps

Anonymous said...

I miss the Christmas decorations that Belks and Iveys used to put in their windows downtown every year. I do NOT miss the Pterodactyl, but I DO miss the Park Elevator..

Heather said...

My family lived in Charlotte from 1978-1987, during the most formative years of my childhood (ages 4-13). I have never been back to visit, and after reading all the comments about the things that are gone, I'm not sure I would recognize much anymore. How sad!

Anonymous said...

I miss Niven Drug store soda fountain, Coney Island Grill (best hotdogs), both on Park Ave. The Charlotte Hornets baseball team and Clark Griffin Park on Magnolia Ave. The old Dilworth Elem School where I attended, the Dilworth Theater. The old A&P store on West Trade St that was where I77 is now, worked there in high school.
Merita Grill across Trade fro A&P store.

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled across this blog 6 years after it was posted! I've only read half of it so far, but no one yet has mentioned the Carolina Lightnin' - the old soccer franchise in the ASL. They played in Memorial Stadium and were coached by Rodney Marsh. I think I still have a ticket stub from the championship game they won. Great brats from the grill at the half.

Pam said...

I was born and rasied in Charlotte and still live here. I went to Windsor Park Elementary and moved before going to EAstway Junior High. I remember the old King's Drug Store and the toy store that was next to it in the Winn-Dixie shopping center. I remember the old Hardee's that sat on the Eastway Wal-Mart land. I remember practically living at Windsor Park Swim & Racquet Club in the summers - swimming on the swim team, taking the Red Cross class one summer, walking to the pool every day, roaming the neighborhood until dark with no worries such that we have today. I was a member of Third Presbyterian church growing up and remember how big the congregation was then compared to now. I remember staying with my grandmother in teh summers over on Commonwealth Ave before they cut it off. I remember us walking to the K-Mart that used to be on Independence Blvd and crossing Independence on foot with no hassels and not as much traffic. I remember walking with her to the old Capri Theatre. I remember the old Eckerd Drug that used to be in that shopping center and being shocked that they had changed their hours to being open on Sunday. I remember when Charlotte shut down on Sundays for a day of rest. I remember the old Regency Theatres on Albemarle Road on Friday or Saturday nights and then eating at Godfather's Pizza. I remember getting lost in Eastland Mall the first Christmas it opened and they had to page my parents. I remember taking ice skating lessons as a kid at Eastland. Wow... I remember Kate's skaing rink over on Central that is no longer there. It was always so packed. I don't know why we went. I don't remember teh name of it, but I do remember the drive in theater over on Kilborne. I saw Alice in Wonderland I think it was. Someone mentioned Freedom Park and the train. I had forgotten about that one. Wow... I miss those days. : )

Pam said...

Oh! Does anyone remember the soda shop on Commonwealth? My mom worked there as a kid and I used to go there when I stayed with my grandmother in the summer.

I also remember the old haunted house on MOnroe Road. I never went in, but stayed outside when (as a Girl Scout) we took a trip over there. I remember the witch that was outside mingling through the crowd.

Anonymous said...

White Horse Inn's, with Nitty Gritty Grinders..one on Monroe, one on or near Park Rd.(?). "Phantasmagoria" was owned by family I went to high school with. "Gus' Forty-Niner" (Kokenes family, of the "Open Kitchen". The old "Smilin' Dog Saloon" from the bad ol' biker days. "Autohaus", "Viking Imports" and "Gathings Imports"...Creech Motorcycle before Hinson took it over, etc, etc....

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