Thursday, May 03, 2007

Keyshawn, half off

Noticed this, via the DC Sports Bog: you can get a Keyshawn Johnson Panthers' jersey for pretty much half-price.

Which makes sense, because the Panthers bought their own discount version of Keyshawn in the draft.

That leads me to wonder: What else would you take the plunge on if the price was right? Would you buy Bobcats tickets if good seats were $30? Would you try the porterhouse at Morton's for $9.95? Would you support light rail if it cost only $300 million?

How much would you pay? And for what? Add your eBay fantasies below.


Anonymous said...

hey tommy, there's an old time story where michael jordan played the pro at kramer mountain for seven thousand and won. the club found out about it and fired the pro. he did all right though, got into the landscaping business. but it's interesting, isn't it, these big time athletes going around and ruining peoples careers with their betting.

Anonymous said...

I'd buy a scratch-and-dent generator if I could find one for half price. Or a used one, for an appropriate discount.

Morton's? Nah.... Not my style, even for 9.95. Now if Mac's ever puts their Texas Beef Brisket on sale, I'll buy up the whole lot!!

If you're not familiar with the place, call me, and I'll take you to lunch there.

Anonymous said...

Lessee now.....hmmmmm!? I would buy season tickets to the Uptown Knights for $125.

Or a Segway with an add-on battery pack for $1500, so I could ride all the way to work in the CBD from the Harrisburg area.

Oh, wait, how about an insurance plan that actually paid ALL of the medical charges - I'd pay double my current rates for that!

While I'm in a magnanimous mood, I might even authorize the County to spend $100,000 for an auditor to check up on CMS and their (mis)use of all of our bond money, to see if it was diverted, misspent, or otherwise wasted.

I'd spring for dinner at The Palm for my wife and I at $15 a plate.

Or maybe give a big chunk of money to United Way for all of the good things that they do - no, wait, I did that already.

I've already got the best things life has to offer: eternal life through my belief in Jesus as my personal savior, the love of my wife of nearly 40 years, and the joy of watching and playing with our grandkids. Yup, I think I've gotten a very good deal.