Friday, October 13, 2006

Never seen THAT on a truck before

Thursday night, driving down Sharon Amity Road, a pickup truck passes on the left. I glance over -- then do a bug-eyed double-take.

There was a guillotine in the back.

A guillotine.

Call 911! Get the license plate! Run him off the --

Oh. Right. It's almost Halloween.

At least I hope that's what it was about.

The whole thing made me think of this record, which scared the crap out of me when I was a kid. I can still hear the creaks of "The Unsafe Bridge."

What Halloween stuff used to give you the creeps? What still does? Add chilling, thrilling memories below.


Anonymous said...

Walking through the woods late at night and hearing things, and then you walk right into a spider web.

Anonymous said...

I still have that record..."Timber" on side one still frightens me to this day...weird huh?

family said...

As a kid, I loved Halloween. I once won a contest for best costume- dressed as the Statue of Liberty (torch and all)- and it was entirely homemade by me, a 10 year old. Then, the goal was to be the most inventive, the most original trick-or-treater. Now, it seems, all the costumes are purchased, cheap, goulish and bloody. Where are the homemade clownsuits, poodle skirts,and yes even Statue of Liberty costumes?? Does anybody have an imagination anymore, or does everybody just want to be Freddie?? He is the creepiest of all, isn't he?

beth said...

back in PA, there was a oil pump shed that ran sometimes at night. the pump would go bump, bump, bump...when we were kids, we were told it was a murder scene and that we were hearing a beating heart. makes me smile to remember how we would scare the 'new kids'..