Thursday, June 22, 2006

More on David Race Bannon

(For those of you wondering who David Race Bannon is, read my story today about the Charlotte man who claimed to be a hit man for Interpol.)

In researching this story, my bookmarks list on Bannon bulged to more than 40 pages. He's all over the Web. Here are a few key sites for background and more information:

Bannon's Wikipedia page is here. (Wikipedia isn't always accurate -- for example, it lists Bannon as being born in 1964, while public records say 1963. But most of this entry appears to be correct.)

Samuel Browning's hyper-detailed investigation from is here.

Interpol's statement is here.

The statement from the Jefferson County (Colo.) district attorney's office is here.

The Amazon page for "Race Against Evil" is here. (Note that the newest reviews talk about his arrest.)


Anonymous said...

The gentleman who runs the martial arts web page may need to brush up on his investigative techniques.Brigham Young University is in Provo Utah ,even I knew that as a young boy growing up in the mountains of Western North Carolina in the 50's and 60's.I have no doubt that Mr.Bannon is a fraud ,there are many reports on him here in Arizona as weel as Nevada and Utah.

Anonymous said...

Dr. 'Race' Bannon was my boss at Information Architects for almost a year throughout 2001-2002 - probably the strangest person I've ever met. I heard pretty much everything outlined in the article and related blogs (and then some!!) on a daily basis. It was pretty hard to keep a straight face or even know how to respond when it's coming from your BOSS. I've never met anyone so full of themselves and completely out of touch with reality.

Oh well, good thing he is jsut guilty of fraud and wasn't a serial killer or anything. On the bright side, it gave me some great stories to tell my friends and family - and - now I have proof that I wasn't exaggerating!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Samuel Browning and I am only a staff member at and am not site director.

The mistake that the first commentator is referring to,is from a direct quote from Bannon's arrest warrant prepared by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation(p. 4). I did not catch this error when I inserted this quote into my article but I defend the accuracy of my article in general and certainly claim a higher degree of accuracy concerning Mr. Bannon's life then he can claim. :)

Anonymous said...

Wasn't he on Johnny Quest?

Anonymous said...

Your journalism lacks. He is 205 Lbs, The statements from his Ex of 16 years is nothing but vindictiveness. Who in their right mind lives with an abuser, and still carries a grudge against her Ex of 16 years ago. They were only married for aprox 4 years. She is still fuming...??? Would you belittle the father of your children and run the risk of hurting their good name. What was she thinking...That's right she wasn't. You are correct about a couple of things, It is a good read, and no one is telling where he lives. They don't want the pond scum hounding their friend. In 2 weeks everyone will say Race who? How in the world did such a second rate article make the front page, desperation. This is OLD news. He was arrested several Months ago...Where was your article then?. Some people take a plea, rather than fight, for several reasons. He is Not a rich man. When you don't have money, and are facing 8 years, And I am geussing that his lawyer stated that you can take a plea and not have to go to jail, and possibly only get up to 2 years probation, HHHmmmm do the math. I'd take the slap on the hand

Anonymous said...

Samuel Browning here

From your tone I would imagine that you are related to Race. Do you care to share your real name?

Seoondly, are you claiming on his behalf that the story is true and that he did kill dozens if not more people around the world.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know this as well. Are you stating that Bannon actually executed people for Interpol?

Anonymous said...

Yeh,are you his wife?

Anonymous said...

This story appears to be about a guy who had a self image problem, wrote a fictional story, yet passed it off as non-fiction, and he got caught. The thing he was nailed in court on was for trying to make $3,000 in fees impersonating who he claimed to be in his book? The fact that the court system is not even seeking jail time on him tells you about how serious they consider the entire issue. This was about exposing someone as a fake, not about getting a criminal.

It would have made an interesting article in the newspaper. But I am not sure it was worthy of front page coverage.

Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jay, its Samuel Browning

Because Bannon has a previously clean criminal record they did not ask for prison time but he is pleading guilty to a felony charge of criminal impersonation, i.e. inpersonating an Interpol Officer. (which he did to make money)

Make no mistake Bannon committed a crime, and since it was a felony, a serious one at that.

Anonymous said...

David Race Bannon is an American hero.

Anonymous said...

This is where they landed.

2366 Colvin Rd
Chester, SC 29706-8212

Anonymous said...

David Wayne Dilley was my boss at a North Carolina Community College. Although he insisted on being called Dr. Bannon, he was fired for falsifying his PHD from the University of Seoul, South Korea. Everything about this man is fake. His narcissism knows no bounds.