Thursday, March 03, 2011

Last call for Queens workshop

Just a reminder, y'all, that my workshop "A Writer's Life: Building a Career as a Professional Writer" begins Saturday at Queens University. It's a two-part class -- half on Saturday and the other half March 12.

We'll be talking about the essentials of turning pro, how to figure out what to write about, how to sharpen your writing, how to get noticed, and 25 ways (at least!) to make a living with words.

If all that sounds good to you, here's where you can sign up.

Here's one last video that Queens produced for the workshop... this was in front of one of those green screens where you can project anything as a backdrop, and it looks like they went with the '70s talk-show motif. Next time I'm going to ask for flying dragons.


Lynne Stevenson said...

Sorry I can't make it to your classes this time, either! Hopefully one of these days it will work out where I can come and take one of your classes or go to one of your readings. Good luck teaching your class tomorrow! Wish I had been able to be there...