Monday, February 28, 2011

Have photo, need story: The Mounted Bear

I found this at Caribou Coffee in Matthews. Why is this bear mounted? Isn't being mounted AND stuffed sort of unfair? What's the story here? You tell me. Come up with a story (cap it at a couple hundred words) and leave it in the comments. Life is such a mystery sometimes.


Gene Lazo said...

Yogi was smarter than the average bear. He was also a step and a half faster than Boo Boo.

Lynne Stevenson said...

Curiousity killed the stuffed bear!

Anonymous said...


I walked into the place about a quarter till closing. Just your average barely hanging-on bar.

A young woman in jeans and a jacket was walking-back from the bathroom. The guy she was with slid out of the booth, threw a couple of bills on the table and smiled at her. She reached out her hand. They walked to the door.

That left me, the middle-aged woman bartender, three guys my age at the far table and two girlfriend types at the only seats by the front window.

“Scotch, straight-up, no ice,”

As I took a stool I looked at the bottles on the shelf. In the mirror behind them I could pretty much see the whole layout. There were the three men. They didn’t look like closing time was going to chase them out. The two girl friends were beginning to pickup with their purses. Their drinks were empty.

The bartender set the drink down on a napkin. Said “Hi”. Looked at me for just a little bit longer than necessary. Then walked away. I guess my wedding band had something to do with it.

I looked back in the mirror. The girls were gone. The men were there. And right behind me, on the wall, was something hanging on the wall was something I hadn’t noticed at first. It was a little dim so I spun the stool half around. A bear head. A stuffed generic bear. Part panda, part faux bear. Not much bigger than the half a football.

“What’s with the bed toy on the wall,” I asked woman behind the bar?

She looked at me, then glanced over at the three men. They’d heard me ask the question. They looked back at the woman. The four silently agreed they’d heard the question before; a lot.

“It’s a bear.”

I suppose if I hadn’t had the wedding band she might have been a little friendlier. But sometimes that’s how it goes.


Bolyn McClung