Friday, October 15, 2010

The Friday Wrap

Y'all are busy people, so I'm going to take this spot on Fridays to collect all the reportage, bloggage, tweetage and other blurtage I put out during the week.

Projects for you

There's a new reader project called At First Sight -- I'd really like to hear your stories about one of those moments.

I'm also thinking about doing a local version of this very cool CNN video project where people send in videos of their favorite walk. Would y'all do something like this if I put out the call?

On the blog and in the paper

Here's a few thoughts on the Chilean miners.

I watched the documentary "Waiting for 'Superman'" with four people invested in education in Charlotte; if you're interested in the future of our public schools, go see it.

There was a little NFL talk on the Gold Rush bus, and the home team didn't come off well.

Speaking of that, you can still take the Panthers QB poll. Here's how bad it is: We want Jake back. (And my bad for not putting Armanti Edwards in there.)

My links on Twitter

This showed up in the paper right after Dylan came to town. I'm just sayin'.

Gene Payne, longtime Observer editorial cartoonist, died today (Thursday). He made this list in 1968.

The Alvin Greene Performance Art Project continues. Makes Joaquin Phoenix look like an amateur.

Mike Harden, a great columnist I'd never known, remembered by @.

RIP, General Johnson. via @ Here's the brilliant "Give Me Just a Little More Time":

My bud @ on the 32 greatest calls in sports. Brilliant stuff, altho Larry Munson is WAY too low :)

Diamonds aren't really forever. But Happy Meals apparently are.

My favorite new correction ever. (via @ )

Hey, I'm quoted in an ESPN story on Julius Peppers.

Very cool crowdsourced video by the great @.

Coming up

Unless they come to their senses, I'm supposed to be on WCNC's Charlotte Today on Wednesday. Just remember, the cameras add 100 pounds.

Have a great weekend, everybody.