Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Panthers -- what a deal!

I'm not technologically advanced enough to copy the whole thing into this post, but I got an e-mail from the Panthers that shows just how much they have their fingers on the pulse of the Charlotte sports fan.

The e-mail offers a "rare sports experience" for the Panthers' game against the Dallas Cowboys in two weeks. Here's what you get:

One ticket in the corner of the upper level -- basically, the worst seats in the stadium.

A pass to the hospitality tent with free food, beer and wine for two hours before the game.

Appearances by the TopCats and Sir Purr.

So how much do you think the Panthers are charging?


(nope, higher...)


This great deal can be yours for only $285.

That's right. TWO HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-FIVE DOLLARS for an upper-deck ticket, some chicken wings and a quick peek at the TopCats.

I'm not sure I'd pay $2.85.

So here's my question: What, at this point in the season, would motivate you to pay $285 for a Panthers' ticket? Somehow I think the chance to see Matt Moore throw a pass -- and Keary Colbert, possibly, catch one -- doesn't quite cut it.

Oh, I almost forgot the best part -- it's $20 extra for parking.


Anonymous said...


You nailed it. The Panthers are so out of touch it is unbelievable! Heck, you could not PAY me to go to a game after the experience we had last year. We WERE PSL owners who were being harassed and cursed at because we dared asked the drunks to stop pushing every game. When we complained the panthers refused to do anything. Unbelievable but I would expect no less from them. They do not care about the fans, all they care about is $$$$$$$$$

Anonymous said...

Maybe if they offer me $285 I'll show up and act like the Panthers matter this season.

Say, when does ACC basketball start?

Panther fan no matter what said...

Given how much the tickets are because the COWBOYS are coming, that is probably a great price!! I need to ready myself to shield my eyes against that game as Jerry Jones will show no mercy. I can't stand that arrogant a--hole.
Our Panthers will be back better than ever next year when we get Jake know you are a true Panther fan when you support them THRU thick and THRU thin Tommy!

Anonymous said...

The only way I'd spend $285 on a ticket to see the Panthers play is if it also included some one-on-one, private time with one of the TopCats.

Anonymous said...

I can watch the game at the bar, have a better view, get drunk and eat chicken wings for less than $30. And, when the game becomes a blowout, I can leave without feeling guilty.

I think I'll pass on the $285, Mr. Richardson.

Rod said...

What would motivate me to pay $285 for these tickets? If my grandson was old enough to want to see a game, if he wanted to see a game, and if they were the only tickets available, I'd pay. That says a lot more about my grandson, however, than it does about the Panthers.

Given that he's only 13 months old, however, I'll be lucky (??) to come up with the motivation to turn on the TV.