Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Long-distance dedication

I'm way past the target demographic for KISS-FM. But I still check in once in a while, and every year there's a Top 40 song that gets me totally hooked. Something like OutKast's "Hey Ya!" or Kelis' "Milkshake."

This year it's "SOS" by Rihanna. (View a video clip)

If you haven't heard it, turn to KISS -- you'll hear it in the next 15 minutes. The young'uns out there just like the song for what it is. But we chidren of the '80s love it for a different reason -- it's based on a sample of the Soft Cell classic "Tainted Love." (The little two-note riff that sounds like somebody banging on a pipe, or maybe a submarine going under? That's it.)

When I hear those two notes, I'm in my buddy's car back in high school. He had been through a tough breakup with a girlfriend. For months, the only song that played in that car was "Tainted Love."

Songs carry us back all the time. But has a sample ever carried you back? Stories of love, longing, laughter and loss below. (Jeez. I sound like Casey Kasem.)


Anonymous said...

It's more than a sample, but it took me way back and then led to an interesting conversation.
It's the phrase, "I'll be watching you," getting played on 95.1 in Charlotte in some song I don't know the name of.
I told my 16-year-old daughter that the phrase was from the Police and was old.
Her reply: "Oh, no no, it's REALLY old, maybe from the '90s."
But the phrase is still fresh.

Anonymous said...

"I'll Be Watching You" is a gorgeous Rosanne Cash song about her parents, both of whom died in the year. It is one of the most moving songs I've ever heard. It's from the "Black Cadillac" CD, which opens with a sample of Johnny Cash's voice, by the way.

Nick Beard said...

Tommy, I always enjoy your column. If you are struggling for a topic this weekend come check out the Central High School class of 56 reunion at the Park/Marriott hotel. There ought to be a story somewhere there amongst us old cogers. It could be the CD that Chris Beachly has cut for all the attendees with favorites from the 50's. Look me up if you come... I'll buy you a libation Nick Beard